Rain and outdoor growing.

5 months ago

Hey smokers.Any of you good people got an outdoor #grow and alot of rain?....Tell me about it! Areas of 53° N.europe (where i am) ,have had heavy rain last 2 or 3 days,forecast to continue .This is not that good if,like me ,you have a few plants outside . EVERYTHING LIKES TO EAT #WEED.......like my little friend pictured below.

IMG_20190612_235538_1024x987.jpg poor quality photo. but you can see it's a snail ,out enjoying the late night rain (taken around midnight) . WIMG_20190613_010846.jpghen my kids were very young,we used to go into the garden ,at night ,in the dark ,with a torch ,after rain to see the slugs and snails . Btw...i don't harm them ,just keep my plants away from them,off the ground,on the shelves of mini-greenhouses.Then i spray the lower area and ground with my home-made #pesticide ; i have a previous post on how to make it from chilli and garlic . So,if you're growing #autos outside,keeping them off the ground is easy as plants grow smaller but if you're growing feminised (not auto) it's maybe not that practical ,as plants can grow much bigger .If you're lucky enough to have a full size greenhouse (i envy you!) and pest control is easier .so if your plants are in the ground and theres heavy rainfall,it can be a problem,especially with snails/slugs. Another effective detterent is some fine netting fixed over canes ,covering your plants ,which also protects against heavy rain/wind.

So,i hope this is of help to any of you smokers ,trying to grow yourself a bit of bud . Until next time......IMG_20190516_094248396_HDR_768x1024_768x1024.jpg

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Good luck with them auto's. I do not like snails and slugs.


Hey thanks.

Good post man and i like your coffee mug too :)


Thanks ,a present from my partner.

Well, i myself don't have an outdoor grow, but my uncle has a farmhouse and in it there is alot of grow that started naturally but then he kept them and nutritioned them and is now a regular grower of cannabis. There is normal rain here, when it is the rainy season then it rains alot but normally the weather is humid.


The farmhouse sounds good.: )