Auto grow update

in #grow
7 months ago

Hey people .Happy Sunday .Hope you are all well and managing to stay medicated.
Here is a quick post ,as I have put some auto plants into mini greenhouse IMG_20200424_175946132_HDR_768x1024.jpgIMG_20200424_175959031_HDR_768x1024.jpg

From left to right is. Auto narco purps ,auto Bruce banner (quickest grower) ,auto kush doctor and auto tha shiznit (struggling)


Will update when they are bigger,in a few weeks . Just ordered 6 auto seeds ,so will post when they sprout.

See ya ....: )

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I love the tent and your terrific look of course 👍


@ggardener09 hey glad you like my look ....been working on my smile .😀

Its looking good, like the setup, thank you for posting 🙂💚


@cannabis Thanks .😀

It’s Sunday already ? Ha ha.... I have lost all track of time.... thought it was Saturday. I fell asleep in the sun yesterday. Pretty bad sun burn. I’m pretty baked these days. It’s like paradise. Nice little Green house and very cool mask. I am dressing up like Kylo Ren when I go for groceries these days. Upsmoked and resmoked. Stay powered up, become a Smoke.iowhale


@offgrid funny about you falling asleep in sun (double baked) 😀


I looked funny but it hurt a lot.


@offgrid don't know who kylo ren is . Btw the greenhouses I use i call frankenstein type ,as they are made from other bits of old greenhouses!


Kylo Ren is the son of Han Solo in Star Wars.

Looking good! Luckily the shops are open so it's been easy to get resupplied during all of this mess. Seems in staying home more.... I've smoked a lot more, so my own grown supply is wavering, had to supplement it with some nice shop picks! Unfortunately... the prices are just ridiculous still... better to not be without though! Best of luck to you in this grow!


@gettinghigh Glad you could buy some ,even though expensive. As long as you can stay medicated my friend.🙂