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Greetings smokers. It's mid -winter here (N.Europe) so, if you're like me and you grow a bit of weed outside ,there's nothing happening until springtime .


I like the idea of having a small indoor grow ,especially during the dark ,cold winter months but that isn't suitable for my situation ,so i enjoy seeing other smoke members indoor grows. I also like looking up seeds and planning what strains i might grow next springtime.

I will be doing another outdoor grow diary in 2020 ,using auto seeds ,my own compost and home made organic (cheap) pesticides and fretilizers .I like to think my grow diary could be of interest ( especially to smoke users who might want to grow a few plants on the cheap ) .

Below are my empty mini-greenhouses and a space ready to set them up in spring.


IMG_20191227_161117735 (1)_768x1024.jpg

Below are pictures of bongs i've had a few years that sit in a cupboard most of the time .i usually end up smoking a spliff with (tobacco ,which i'm trying to stop ).so i might have to break out the ice bong (blue one) more next season ....




So i'll be posting my first grow diary around mid march to start of april when i have some new seeds popping up....: ) until then i'll carry on enjoying curating on P E A CE...........

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Wow, you are so lucky for you can grow also. I am still waiting for #legalization for me to grow
Keep smoking A ferry Christmas!


: )

Hey.... are all my posts invisible ? I post here every day.... just curious. You said I Haven’t posted in 4 months .... here or on Steemit ??