I’ve been busy all day Lollipopping’ - My Weed Plants!

7 months ago

Trimming #sun-leaves sure takes a lot of work!

I started the day with a pair of #scissors ✂️, however after almost cutting my finger I decided to use my hands to pluck a majority of the leaves off!
When the leaves are ready to be removed you just grab the stalk with one hand, and quickly pull the leaves off with a swift flick of the wrist in a vertical motion upwards!
F321F995-37A4-451D-B6FC-E4B127BAB5CC.jpeg I’m still trimming, cleaning up the yellow and dead leaves too! The additional benefit of hand #lollipopping my plants is the side effect of creating #finger-hash. Since I haven’t smoked in months I also felt a mild euphoric high while pruning. I rolled up the finger hash into a ball and threw it in my CBD #vape pen, so I think I’m going to get high for the first time in a vey long time today once this hash ball dissolves into the #cbd vape!
9E5A911E-486B-4251-87A0-38E06EFCC36D.jpeg Here’s my CBD Vape pen with the finger Hash Ball inside. I already feel a little bit #mellow, I think it’s working just right!


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I always clip them fan leaves. I try to keep up with it weekly during veg, then one good time within week 1 of flowering. Right or wrong.


Sounds good! For sure you have to clip the sun leaves, I have been picking a few here and there every few ays up till this weekend I did a lot more. Too much sun leaves can sometimes make for more bitter buds I think. Correct! I should have probably gotten more off early but I was sidetracked with steemit drama! Thanks! I need all the tips I can get!


That's how I use to do it myself. @relaylogix

Look at them baby's! Awesome job dude. Looks more like a garden them a jungle :D


It's getting there, little here - little there! I got some hash out of the deal too, I love finger hash! I gotta do this again tomorrow, and also sweep up keep the environment clean! Thanks for the tips! Thanks for the Lollipopping' tip, that was the best yet! I accentually cut a little bud off too, so drying it out, can't wait to try her!


You should wait a bit. They need some recover time. You rocked their world already. They look great, look at all that sunlight that's getting into the middle and lower bud sites. IF you hit them again you risk them going into shock and during this time of the grow you don't have a lot of recovery time. You'll see the results of this in a few days. Normally you do this before they start flowering but your still in the first weeks.


Thanks for the tip again, I didn't realize the stress issue from just clipping leaves, but good point! Glad you mentioned it. I will totally let them recover! 🤙🤙