I finally caught a glimpse of the " Pink" color on this Marijuana top!

2 years ago

This is my #Lemon-Blackjack Kush

photo from iphone, Cannon camera photos coming up next!

#Top of the #morning to Ya Smoke.io!

It is a good morning "indeedy!" Here is the higher quality photo from my Canon Digital Camera!(below)
Screen Shot 2019-07-26 at 11.01.05 AM.png

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I had a buddy grow stuff that looked exactly like this 2 years ago, it got very bright pink just before harvest, but the pink totally went away as it dried.

Blue City Diesel also grows pink pistls just like that. Nice to see it on another strain.

Top of the morning. Hahaha Do you follow Jackspeticeye on YouTube as well?

Thats crazy good looking 👍 good job man