The making of Feminized Auto-flower Pollen - Seed Production Successful update

last year


won't be long till these seeds are going to be ready



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Do you mind sharing your steps?
I understand that you are using regular autoflowering seeds and you picked out a female plant and now you are trying to create feminised seeds from the female that was grown from regular autoflowering seeds?


Yes the proper steps to making a feminized pollen donor is to pick a female plant and make sure it's in flower for about 3 - 4 weeks, then it's daily spraying of colloidal silver for 10 - 14 days, after that it's a waiting game to see if you get pollen and seeds from the same plant, but that pollen can be used to pollinate other plants in flower too. For this pollen donor experiment I've used a feminized seed for my female because that is all I had access to.


Some breeders say feminised seeds from a plant from feminised seeds can easily hermi. I can show you where to get regular autoflowering seeds if you want.

Fantastic.... what beautiful plants you have. I love growing seeds.


me tooooooo.....

Always a great felling!