Grow Log 5 - Cherry Tree V2 Testers By MzCGrower

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6 months ago

Update on the Cherry Tree V2 Testers By MzCGrower
Since log 4:

I removed most of the fan leaves, a little LST , bent them over and held down the head and they exploded with new growth


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These are looking nice, They are nice and bushy that is for sure.

I have to say I never heard any these parent strains before.


@skylinebuds for sure, but what's in a name really? its more about how the cannabis makes me or you feel.. ;)

Wow they look amazing. Hybrids or pure indica?


can't say for sure, its' these

but I have grown enough plants to tell you at this stage, before you can tell what the sex is, even a sativa dominant hybrid can have fat leaves.

Wow they're are really growing very fast and they're also looking good


@youngeric yeah, very indicative of indica parentage also, we find that doing a bend over, good feeding and removing fan leaves makes the plants explode, this is type of LST that produces a sea of green effect.

hello its fellow breeder a1-shroom-spores checking in. Great females ;p


@liquid-mike happy to see you!!