Grow Log 4 - Cherry Tree V2 Testers By MzCGrower

in #grow
6 months ago

Plants are doing fine, still need some time before they show their sex..

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You might kill me but I just wanna lay in them:-0 They look beautiful. Are you planning on topping or lollipopping any of them? I eventually want to try fimming my plants but I have indica dominant strains atm.


@toker teehee!! I know what you mean - going to post an update - sorry it took me this long to reply.. I don't top, I do remove the fan leaves and bend them over - you will see

Just like the best flowers around, those plants would make a good decor. Nice growth over there.


@joelagbo hey thanks, these are from seeds, from another breeder I'm testing - they are lovely..