Starting first week of flower in the garden!

7 months ago

This section is one of the shortest, but is bushing out quite nicely. The lower leaves are just starting to die off.

This section is God Scout. There's another section with Ghost Breath, one with Tahoe Og and one more with Pennywise. Here's a picture with the lights on, 1000w HPS - dialed down to 75% until they can handle the switch from MH. They were running on a stagger before the click. Only every second light would turn on for 18/6 due to power capacity. Now that all the lights are on I'm trying to ease them into the extra light/new spectrum.

Back when they were babies ♡ Oh, how time flies...

Thanks for looking! Will keep you posted on the progress :)

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Sort Order:  Trending the look of that grow room ....with the hanging lights a fairyland . Re: Ghost breath strain ,is that related in some way to ghost train? sounds powerfull...


I believe its a Ghost Train Haze x Hogs Breath but I'd have to look it up. The Ghost Breath genetics are by Thugpug seeds. I'm very excited about the outcome, as I just finished a Peanut Butter Breath by the same team and it came out amazing - I think atleast (see below).


I like your taste in genetics :)


Good research and the pictures u use to explain your research is also look good

That´s a nice set up and great strains!!! looking forward to seeing it develop ;-)

Very impressive! Must have to wear eye protection around those bulbs.. Do you keep growing constantly or just in bursts when your supply runs dry? What's your favourite strain to grow & future grow ambitions? 👍


Yes, I always try to wear some PPE, a set of special made glasses and long sleeves to avoid burns.

It seems I'm growing constantly at this point. Much of the finished product gets processed into other forms of medication for friends and loved ones.

My favorite strain would have to be a Sterling Kush we created a few years back. It was a cross of Super Silver Haze and Platinum Kush. My favorite strain to grow on the open market would have to be God Scout, it's a no-nonsense strain. It produces well and the finished product is very high quality.

My future grow ambitions would be to maybe start a business in the cannabis industry - or possibly work for a licensed producer.

Wow this is giantic. Absolutely love it.

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