Well then

20 days ago

This is a bit ridiculous lmfao πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ i love cannabis! Cant wait to see the buds. The GSC is starting to pop hairs sooooooo.... Soon 😁😁😁 might need to take some more leaves off soon. And get a bigger greenhouse next time lol.
Peace, love, and SMOKE friends



The peak is 7 foot tall or 2.13 meters



#greenhouse #gsc #blueberry #trianglekush

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The plant is loving its enviroment. Maybe you should do a light dep next time, that way you can have them flower out before they outgrow it! Very killer man, i am interested to see what they do. Are you able to open those top windows?

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Hahaa that may have been a good idea, this is my first outdoor grow and i had no idea what was gonna happen. Obviously they got huge is what happened! Lmao! Not a bad problem to have i guess. I am interested to see what they do too. The top has to stay on as the law says they have to be in a "locked, enclosed space" otherwise id just grow em in the yard. Laws are laws, im happy i can have and grow it without worry. I wont complain if they have to stay shorter next time. Im just learning, all expierience is benefictial to me at this point.


Well good luck!

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Thanks 😁

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Wow... So nice to look at your canna jungle. Your grow reminded me of my 2 Green Poison planted in small containers.. Both reached more than 2 meters and the harvest had been good..

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Heres hoping for a good harvest 😁

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Jesus buddy those are beautiful 😍 what you going to do about the colas hitting the roof?

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Hi @Hd420, thank you so much, I enjoyed πŸ˜‰πŸ™