Soooo much strrrrrrrrrech!

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11 months ago

Soo since i can legally grow now i am taking full advantage, started with my indoor learning grow, went alright, learned a bunch. Then came spring, outdoor grow learning time. So far ive learned outdoor is FAR HARDER since i cant control everything(not that im fully aware of what everything is but still learning lol). This isnt a post for help or to show off my knowledge or anything. Moreso a post to laugh at how comical it is to me that these bitches are taller than i am now! Bahhahaaaaaa a million pounds here i come lmfao! 😂😂🤣 what i really need to get my head around is that the little tiny plant that comes from the seed WILL BECOME GIGANTIC! This is something im apparently having trouble getting in my brain lol. That all said just wanted to share some pics with my friends here. And from left to right there is GSC in the first pot, Blueberry in the second, and Triangle Kush in the third(cross of Skywalka Kush x Ghost Kush x Og kush) which got really lanky as a kush does apparently. Still learning. And theres a little clone of my unknown homegrown too, shes still little but bushing up!










Thanks for lookin. Peace Love and SMOKE my friends! ✌️💚💨

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Looking great! Hopefully it starts putting some energy into flowers soon.


Thanks. Preflowers started popping a few weeks ago, so soon hopefully 😁

Wow! So healthy, so nice!


Thanks 😁

They look beautiful and healthy
But you can put the roof away - otherwise there is very little space.
You will put at least two out.
Even humidity during flowering in the greenhouse will be a problem - it will be difficult to guard the mold.

I'll hold my fists and give follow to see how it turns out.


Id love to be able to just put them outside, but law requires them to be in a locked stucture, so this is the best i could do for now. Cant get a bigger greenhouse as its expensive and i live in a neighborhood that is pissy and wont like home made greenhouses or id have just made a bigger one myself. The humidity will be a problem, which is why i put the fans in. Hoping for the best, assuming the worst.