Learning plants

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3 months ago

Learning to grow 😁












No idea what strain as they were bag seeds, i believe i was told it was gg#4 but it smells fruity to me. No idea. But im pretty happy for my first try. Learned a bunch about fertilizer, temp, light, and humidity as well as random other things. Thanks for lookin 😁

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Some great pics mate! :)


Thank you 😁 the fans made it a bit challenging but the few that came out are ok lol

Wow.... Awesome.


Thanks 😊 they still have a few weeks to go. But im getting excited lol!

The best part of learning how to grow is smoking your labor of love. Great pics!


Couldn’t agree more!

Very well done, grow and images!

What do you think the most random thing you learned from the process was?


Thanks. I would say the most random thing i learned was day light savings time changes(which are stupid to me anyway) should be taken into consideration when setting light schedule as i used to check them in the mornings before work when the light was on, then one day i woke up and it was dark in the tent and i couldnt see shit. My smart phone changed to the new time and the dumb light timer didnt and i didnt realize it was gonna fuck up my morning routine. Pretty random, but learned non the less😂


YUP I have totally experienced that 😅 so random when not taken into consideration I remember it took me a good hour of head scratching wondering if my timer was malfunctioning till it dawned on me what happened 🤦‍♂️