Transplanting + Screen of green - PChunk VEG [update #5]

last year

What's up kings and queens of the bong, a lot of work done today, everything up now getting ready for flowering phase...

Today we are around day 32 of vegetative period


Finally I installed the screen for the scrog. It took hours to set up. Air flow system was Installed too. All set up. When changing to 12/12 I just need to replace the reflector with the lights. they are hanging with chains, its easy to do. So let's see what I did...

First the Air:

IMG_20190317_042942523.jpg * IMG_20190317_054134111.jpg

There 2 in-line fans trying to pull the hot air out of the room, and a carbon filter for odor control.

Ok..I'm not 100% satisfied with this screen, hope it holds till the end. Also, I'm afraid that's too high...Pineapple Chunk stretch a lot, need to be careful


I love how coco is good to roots

More root porn...


Ok she's in home:


Let's do the other one:

roots :)



Bonus pics:

yellow buddies, always happen with this coco(from Amazon forest)
Recovering from transplant...

That's it friends. I hope everything goes well, now there is no turning back. Maybe just one more week of 24hrs of light, and I'll switch to HPS 12/12. Thanks, cya!


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I plan on trying the scrog method my next grow people keep asking me why I didn't do it with this one and the answer is simple, this is my first attempt at growing and I just want to not kill them and get them to harvest next grow when I have more experience I will explore other growing options. Looks like you got a great start


I'm sure you will succeed with scrog when you try it, is not that hard, first time is always tricky, but once you know how plants behave in your ambient and how they actually grow you'll be secure with trying.


I am willing to experiment that is for sure but this first grow I just want enough to get me through till the next grows harvest so I stop spending so much for weed. I also plan to upgrade my set up next grow

Forgive my laymanity,
but WHY do you need to put a screen over them?
As tutors? So they have something to cling to?
That IS the only reason why that comes to mind...

Anyway, BRILLIANT pictures and detailed narration
make for quite a quality post offering!
First time I noticed one of yours,
have you been around the platform?
If not, then WELCOME to Smoke!!!



Hello, yes screen is used as a way to force horizontal grow, I hope to maximize yield as it uses all area available and the plant goes with more branches and buds, hopefully. Thanks man, I'm kinda new here on smoke, I did an intro post about 3 months ago but only started this journal two weeks ago I believe.

Great work mate!! looking forward to seeing them grow


Thanks man :)

Real nice girls there, nice and healthy.


thx :)

Great grow blog! What are those yellow things in the coco you mentioned were from the amazon?


They are small mushrooms starting to grow, this coco comes from coco trees grown in amazon, far from the sea...people say that's better cause of the salts(idk), but anyway it's excellent quality and cheap. Thing is I always get those same yellow mushrooms using it, look:


Are they edible?


I just did a google for more info, and seems to be Leucocoprinus birnbaumii. It's poisonous, and maybe nothing to do with amazon or this coco, they say is common in many countries.


Wow! Super cool. I've never seen a shroomy pop up in a grow before. . . Our coco I presume is pasteurized or something cos its PH neutral and never shows any signs of other life. I would love me some coco with that sort of life in it, damb.


whats up stoner, haha i think i will follow the advice from a friend: Put some cubensis spores in this coco and see what happens.


Worth a shot I guess :D


And there is no harm done to the marijuana?
I don't know, I understand the thing might be
rich in nutrients and free of sea salt,
but I don't like mushrooms,
they are synonymous of things
decaying around them...

The Reverend Maelstrohm Black



No harm to the plants, but can be a sign of a good environment because mushrooms tends to fruit only in clean places with no bacteria and so. Its sign of high humidity too. Shrooms are cool :)