PineappleChunk Grow Veg update #3 - training before the scrog net

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last year

Good night growers! Another update today...

Today I think is day 22-23 since they came to this world

I was planning to top them, but for now i'm not doing it...I decide just LST a little before I install the SCROG net, which is about to happen this weekend. I going in this direction because they are growing with an incredible speed, and strong side arms...

Let's take a look

Bending down main

2.jpg * 3.jpg

I had to keep bending all day to keep her there, I don't want to tie now as I'm installing the scrog net soon


5.jpg * 6.jpg

And that's how they look right now...


That's it for the day, thanks guys! Smoke one, peace!

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Beautiful looking shade of green. Looking healthy too.


thanks @chronic! xD

Toss me a chunk of that pineapple



Looking beautiful! Keep those posts coming!


I will, thankss

Beatiful! :O

WOOW ! totally beautiful cannabis

Maybe when i start staying alone i'd do this in backyard right now my parents wont allow it ,this looks good tho'

They look really healthy :)