PineappleChunk Grow - Veg update #1

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Hello Smokers! How you doing? Two months ago I've made my intro post promising a grow journal here on and well..., after an unexpected delay, I finally succeed on get my things going on!

So here we go with the first update of my grow :)

Seeds: Pineapple Chunk FEM (from barneys farm)

Today is day 17 since they came out of the ground

The plan is to SCROG and try to get the most of it using only one or two plants. I expect a vegetative period of 45-50 days max. Check out the evolution till today:

1.jpg * 2.jpg
Germinating Seeds

3.jpg * 4.jpg
After a few day's. Unfortunately one plant born without the first pair of leaves, but she's recovering with an awesome "auto topping" :)


5.jpg * 6.jpg

...And today...

With 17 days since they came out of the ground or 19 days since the seed germination

"Auto topping" seed, lol
Look how she's thriving
Now the big one
Already showing nice side branches
Soon after today's feeding

Here you can see how things flow in the tent...

Growing in 100% coco coir - Feed with 6/9 Gh's formula - DRAIN TO WASTE
Tent - 1,20m x 1,20m x 2,00m
Lights - 84 watts (6x14w) T5 white fluor **I may add 36 watts (4x9w) of LED in mid-late veg, to cover more space in the net, the T5's covers only 0,6mx0,6m of the tent)
600 watts HPS - when flower

Thank's guys! Smoke On o/

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I grew some pineapple chunk not to long ago, and it ended up being a hermie.


That's sad. But it happens. I grew PC in the past too with no issues, awesome yield. Let's hope for the best

They look really happy!!!well done, keep us updated


Thx, sure I will ;)

Nice diary. They look bushy and healthy for now. Hope it stays the way and they turn out to be females.


Yeah let's hope! I'm using FEM seeds tho...such small op I cant risk with regular ones, hope I don't get the 1% male haha

They sure grow up fast, looking good.

One seems to be growing quite well and the other recovering.

Pineapple Chunk is the bomb, so sweet and fruity, one of my favorites!


Yeah! I love that strain

Awesome. Great post. Great grow.