New investment + veg update #2

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last year

Hey! All right? Today I'm excited with the new investment I've made:

One Dimmable electronic ballast to power the 600 watts HPS when flowering! xD


I was looking for one of those for a long time and finally I saved money for it :)
Says it pays you back in 4-5 flowering cycles due to 30% power economy. Let's try! Can't wait till flower

IMG_20190303_222046713.jpg * IMG_20190303_222244000.jpg

Also, I like to share with you another update of my grow, 18 days in VEG now...update #2

IMG_20190303_221957130.jpg * IMG_20190303_221944314.jpg

I will top the big one maybe tomorrow or a day soon after, I wanna see her bushy for the SCROG net in the near future:

IMG_20190303_221930594.jpg * IMG_20190303_221845309.jpg

closer look

That's all for today! Smoke on Smokers! Bye

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Nice upgrade man, that is going to help with the grow. That little girl looks healthy as well 😀


Sup skyline! Thank you

What a sensible and neat piece of kit. I'm guessing a little here, it sits between the light and power source and does it's thing to save a fortune on the consumption right? Great post, nice layout of the smaller images.


Yes you are right, between the light and power source. Says it saves 30% ...let's see

@growroom Nice! I considered an HPS and decided on LEDs, but it would be cool to have a side by side comparison of the two light types.


LEDs are often a better choice now these days , but idk , still to expensive as i need to import it....and i'm afraid to change what is working for me the future I think HPS will no longer exist