Just another grower! First smoke post :D

last year

What's up smokers! All good?

Please, let me introduce myself to you all...

(my grow room, sweet tooth, old pic)

I've been growing mj since 2014, always indoors and low profile. Has become something that I love to do, with rewards beyond the buds I smoke. Helps to improve my discipline and works like some kind of therapy.

Despite the limited space and low profile I manage to achieve decent yields in the past grows. I like to grow using Coco Coir as 'soil', doing hand watering and drain to waste. Here a few old pictures:

(Coco coir mix)

(nice cola)

(critical kush)

(hello world! I need more space)

Right now I'm about to begin a new grow for this year, just waiting for my seeds to arrive. Pineapple Chunk from Barneys farm was my order. Its a cross pineapple x skunk#1 x cheese, One of my favorites, great flavor.

Also, this time I'll use a bigger tent (0,80m x 0,80m x 1,80m) to (1,20m x 1,20m x 2,00m). This will help a lot with heat and more space for buds.

I can't wait to start my grow journal here on smoke, thanks guys! See ya!

#aboutme #introducemyself #cannabis #canna-curate

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Welcome to smoke platform and have a great experience around..
feel free to read the smoke.io content guide https://docs.smoke.io/#/contentguidelines
it helps a lot.

Smoke on!!


Hello! I was looking for that xD , thanks bro will read! Smoke on!

WOW! Now that is a bud/cola! Look how huge it is!

And love the SCRoG!


Yeah I got lucky on this one :)
Scrog is awesome! Only top buds

Awesome.... the more growers the better. I’m here to learn to grow my own Cannabis. Upsmoked and resmoked. Welcome to Smoke.io


Thank youu!

That cola is a pretty site. I bet that was a good yeild and smoke.
Welcome to smoke can't wait to see your future grow


Thanks! Yes, was the best yield I had, awesome smoke too, very potent. Critical kush is an excellent strain


Yeah, I got to agree on the CK

Welcome @growroom, looking forward to those grow diaries


Thank youu

Welcome to smoke brother! Canna Curate being represented well by such a good grower and a fellow root porn lover, lol


Heyy xD!! Love some root porn lol

Welcome to Smoke @growroom! Your past SCROG grow looks awesome. That one bud wouldn't even fit into a mason jar without breaking it! Looking forward to your future grow diaries!


Thanks toker! My plan is scrog again this time, only one or two plants. Hehe I miss that bud, dry:

Those are some good looking plants!! And Pineapple Chunk is a great strain, full of flavour...


Thanks bro o/
One of my favorites, great flavor and high thc

Glad to have you here at smoke! I just got here a week or so ago, it's awesome!


Thanks man, yeah Its awesome, cool thing we got here in the beginning xD

Welcome to the smoke network, looking forwards to future grow progress blogs :)


Thanks for welcoming me! Cannabis grow, cryptosmoke, this is going to be fun :)

Nice grow!! Welcome to SMOKE keep bringing the buds!!


Thanks man!

Welcome to the community. Look forward to your spots.


thx :)

Good looking out on using that Canna-Curate tag.