Switching Day

in #grow
4 months ago

All the strains, Buddah Cheese, LSD and Hulk Berryphoto_2020-11-12_17-20-55.jpg
Shining from their showerphoto_2020-11-12_17-19-05.jpg

Today is switching day! After I removed the leaves I was unhappy with, I sprayed for pests and also gave them a shower of PH up'd water to help keep any powdery mildew away. The lights will now stay off till Sunday evening when they are switched onto their 12/12 cycle.
Exciting times ahead!

TIP: If you look closely you can see we use straws to mark the plants with, yellow - cheese, pink - hulk berry, and LSD - orange straws. I find using straws to mark the plants works a treat!

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Good collection of cannabis 😅💚