Outdoor Grow Leaf Pics

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3 months ago

Candy Cheese front, LSD, Hulk Berry, Pink Mango Gelatorow.jpg
more leafs.jpg
Morning sun is the best for these ladies! That and the rain we've been getting on and off. We're going to try clone them, the bottom branches need to be removed so we are going to try clone outdoor plants for the first time. All our outdoor are feminized seeds from a reputable seed bank. I'm going to get better about the information I post on the plants. I'm just waiting for the next lot to germinate! I counted today...we have 17 different strains going....I wonder if there's a version of AA for the addiction to finding the best strains and phenos!!

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Your a phenoholic . : )

Looks really nice and healthy....
Will make an attempt on growing soon..

Good strains ❤😘