Growing outdoors in South African Summertime

in #grow
4 months ago

Front Hulk Berry, Back LSDphoto_2020-11-12_17-50-42.jpg
Hulk Berryphoto_2020-11-12_17-49-44.jpg
Candy Cheesephoto_2020-11-12_17-48-11.jpg

Only the best strains and you can see by how happy and healthy they are. They will be ready to harvest April 2021. They are going to get huge by then!

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Yeah,some healthy looking plants .

Beautiful leafs 😊

Nice color. Starting to bush up nicely.

Awe masekind.


Aweeeee! :D


Pretty cool that the southern hemisphere can grow outdoors at this time of the year :D


It's the beginning of Summer, perfect time!