Day 1 Week 5 - Hulk Berry, LSD and Buddha Cheese Grow

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2 months ago

Hulk BerryHB3.jpg
Buddha CheeseBC (2).jpg
Hulk BerryHB (2).jpg

Summer is in full swing in South Africa, and it's HOT! Oh what the grow room would do for a split unit AC....That would help the temp and the humidity....The dehumidifiers can't get the humidity below 50% and they're doing a fine job of pushing the temperate up.....
And yes...The leopard crawling is becoming a real thing, 40l of feed at a go with no run off seems to make for happy plants. I'm using EHG and have upped the strength a teeny bit the last two feeds as I noticed the older leaves in the middle of the plants getting a few spots on them. I am thinking that they are needing the nutrients upped a little at this point to boost the stage that they are at.

You'd this I've learnt from putting 11 plants in this round, yesterday I transplanted the next lot form smaller to bigger pots for the next lot of budding, and guess what....there are again 11 ready -_-
I think this time holding three of them back for mother's will be a good call.

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How about "greenleopardgirl" ha ha. Great photos /strains /grow .......: )


Thank you! That's not a bad idea, Or CannabisCrawler

Nice stuff


Thank you!

Those babies are looking INCREDIBLE! :D Thanks for sharing!


Thank you! it's a pleasure!

Wow 🤩 Its cannabis heaven 💚