Day 1 of Week 4 - Hulk Berry, LSD and Buddha Cheese Grow

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3 months ago

Hulk Berryphoto_2020-12-09_12-01-11.jpg
Buddha Cheesephoto_2020-12-09_12-01-29.jpg

This grow is quite a challenge as the days and night's get hotter, along with the Summer rainfall that's pushing humidity up.....As you can see there are two dehumidifiers on the room set on 35 to help. Otherwise for the beginning of week 4 I don't think they're looking too shabby.

I'm really enjoying the fact that there's no scrog net in and I can water by hand, I like to feel the weight of the pots. I'm hoping the stems are strong enough to not need to be supported as the buds get bigger. The plants are already almost at my shoulder's becoming a jungle in there!

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Wow, would love to have all that 🤩 The plants look amazing 💚


Thank you



Wow good buds 🌱


Thank you to!



TY 3!

It IS a jungle in there ....


It is, and there's still so much time left, I wonder if I'm going to be able to move between them or just leopard crawl towards the end!


@greengirl Leopard crawl probably : )