6.5 Weeks along...Dark Pics and thennnnn...some stunners!

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19 days ago

Bud room at 6.5 Weeks just before the lights came onroom in dark.jpg
room in dark week 6.5.jpg
Royal Queen Seeds Hulk BerryHulk Berry.jpg
Barney's Farm LSDLSD.jpg
Big Buddah Big Buddah CheeseBuddha Cheese.jpg
The room is smelling so strong already, I can only think that it's the EHG (Easy Hydro Grow) that I'm using that's helping the bud along so nicely. The two lights above the grow are 600 watt each. Dehumidifiers are constantly running on 35 to try keep the humidity lower. Summer is really a challenge growing in South Africa as it gets quite hot.

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Can almost smell that big Buddha cheese! 😎