First crop report from 24th of May to 4th of June: Critical and Auto Kryptonite and a fatal error.

3 months ago

Hi Smokers, how are you? I hope that of thousand wonders

Today I will start a new series of publications where I will tell you about the progress of the plants. As you know from previous publications, I have everything to start planting.

⬇️In case you have not read them yet, I'll leave you the links.⬇️

Start of cultivation 2019

To start the season I started to germinate three of the five seeds I had, two feminized Critical and the Auto Kriptonite. The other two autoflowering, Gorilla and New York City planned to plant them a little later.

Critical feminizadas y auto Kriptonite.jpg

May 24th

I started with the germination of the three seeds. The method to germinate was the lifelong "wet napkins", I tell you how I did it: ⬇️

germinacion de critical.jpg

1. We fold a piece of kitchen paper until it reaches the size of the container where we are going
to put it. Before introducing it, we wet it and drain it. We put it inside the tupperware.

2. Next we introduce the seeds.

3. repeat the point 1⬅️ and put the wet paper on top of the seed.

4. We close the tupperware with the lid and introduce it in a dark place.

In my case I put the two seeds of Critical in the same container and the seed of Kryptonite in another part. As you can see in the following photographs

Kryptonite de piramid seeds.jpg

May 26th

The the three seeds were already more than germinated. To my amazement, one of them already had root.

critical germinadas.jpg

kryptonite germinada.jpg

I got down to work and prepared the pots with the substrate. Before introducing the seeds, I wet and removed the soil so that it was not compacted and left a little moist.

sustrato cannaterra profesional.jpg

Here begins My Big mistake

I was very happy because I had got the "perfect" greenhouse in a garden store to protect the plants from all the evils of the outside, including my cat who likes to bite and pluck the stems of the grass.

Once I had the seeds planted, I got down to work and set up the greenhouse. Once finished and hooded with the plastic raincoat I go very happily and introduce the plants, deluded me.

invernadero marihuana.jpg

May 28th

The two critical begin to the Kryptonite even I have not seen even the tip. The plants are still in the greenhouse, the zippers are open for ventilation. I still think that everything is normal.

Plantulas critical.jpg

May 30th

The seedlings are beginning to open, but the autoflowering does not give signs of life, I begin to worry and want to dig in the earth to look for it, but I do not.

plantulas de marihuana.jpg

June 1th

I began to apply the root stimulator of Biobizz, Root Juice. Seeing that the Kryptonite had not come out, apply the irrigation with the stimulator in the three pots, to see if in this way it would bring a greater energy to the seedling to come to the surface.

June 2th

The horror has arrived. As you can see in the following image the plant on the right the plant is not centered in the planter. This is because I found the bottom of the stem crushed and therefore the plant was not standing, or with a tutor. What did I do? I do not know if good or bad, I buried the plant again until the cotyledons

cotiledon de marihuana.jpg

June 3th

The same thing happened to the other Critical, the stem is crushed. Seeing that the other is still alive I follow the same system, I bury it again. I spray water with root stimulator, to see if this way I can survive.


By the way, the autoflowering Kryptonite has come out, but it looks bad. I see it very yellow.


June 4th

Kryptonite and some of the critical have died. Everything starts to smell bad. When I removed the head of the autoflowering, the tiny stem was also crushed.

After several head feeders, I came to the conclusion that it was the greenhouse plastic. Look at the specifications and one of the features was "the ultraviolet ray protector". There he began to square everything. If plants take vitamins through the sun to make photosynthesis and I'm putting a barrier where they can see the sun, but not take anything from it ... that has to be a torture for plants.

I felt terrible when I realized everything, I was really sorry to lose them like this :( But I had to find the solution to get through the critical that I still have and for the new ones that will surely arrive.

separador 9.png

Well friends, it was not the best start of the season losing two since the beginning. The good thing is that I have learned. In the following publiction, you will see the assignment that I have given to all this. How Siempe Thanks for coming here.


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Well, you can start again my friend... but do not add anything like that stimulator... it´s too early to add any nutrients because the seed has just germinated... it cannot survive because it gets burned by the nutrients right away.

I have germinated my seeds directly in the soil and by just keeping the soil moist, the seed will germinate sooner or later... Add nutrients only when the seed has grown and the stem is long already...


A mild solution of a rooting agent (1/5recomended dose) + fulvic acid will speed up the germination, but as you say it's easy to burn/kill them if not careful.


Good morning! if I can start again and this time with the lesson learned. The stimulator I started to throw when he had left the first pair of leaves, except the kryptonite that out of desperation pulvorice a little :(
Thanks for your tips!! Soon I will show you how the Critical that has survived evolves :)


Am anxious to see it! Head up, soon you`ll make it.

A sad thing to read this man, I guess would be the best to use EasyPlug type product for germination next time. 100% idiot proof (use them myself) PH and EC regulated just add water. Check it out.

We all learn from our mistakes my friend good luck .... (in my opinion,all seeds need is seed/potting compost ,a warm place and a little water. They will pop up in 3/4 days. : )


Hello! thank you very much, if we did not miss we would not learn. At the moment I fulfill all those conditions, except the seed composts.

I'm sorry for your lost. We learn from mistakes. Next time you know what not to do. Im not sure why they put such strong UV lightnprotection on greenhouse plastic if plants need a correct amount of UV light.


Thank you very much, they were still very young :( But that will not happen again, at least in that way.

I do not explain myself either. There is the link of the product and in its description it says: treatment against ultraviolet rays to protect plants.
Although it is in Spanish. Maybe it has been too much protection. Thanks for coming here!