Cultivation report from June 26th to July 8th: Auto New York City, Critical, Gelatto and Cookies.

8 months ago

Hello friends! how are you? I'm back to continue tracking my little ones.

The previous report ended on June 25, today I will continue with June 26. As you can see I've been a month late because it's July 26 already and my girls have changed a lot since then.

Work accumulates! but I keep trying to catch up.


June 26th

  • Auto NYC seems to have controlled spots. I have watered with 1ml of Root Juice and 2ml of Bio Heaven.

  • Critical also seems to be controlled and I have also applied a 1ml Root Juice and 2ml Bio Heaven in its irrigation.

  • The first couple of Cookies sheets begin to open.

June 27th

Today is the third week of NYC!

June 28th

  • NYC leaves are getting bigger. I've been watching it and it looks like it has new spots, although I do not see any bugs.

  • The leaves of Critical are a little bigger, I notice that it has a quite slow growth. Worse, I'm not surprised, because of the problem he had in the first week. Even so it continues like a champion fighting. I see some new spots.

June 30th

Fifth week of Critical life! it's still small.

Gelatto and Cookies today complete their first week.

July 1th

  • I have transplanted Gelatto and Cookies into a larger white pot, there they will have enough space to grow for some time.

  • Today I have come to a grow shop in my neighborhood to show he the stains on the leaves of the New York City and Gelatto plants. Dependent has not been worried and told me he looks like an insect but I do not have to worry. I told him that I had been watching them for several days and that the spots were increasing. Then he recommended a pyrethroid insecticide for shock and persistence. The bottle cost me about 8 euros with a content of 100ml.


July 2th

I was speechless to see that the autoflowering New York city is starting to throw the first pistils.

The flowering period begins!!

pistilos new york city.jpg

July 4th

  • NYC pistils continue to grow as new leaves and new buds appear among the branches.

nuevos brotes auto new york city.jpg

  • White spots are appearing on the Cookie on the two main sheets.

manchas en cookies stran growbarato.jpg

July 5th

  • As NYC has entered its flowering stage I applied 2 ml of Bio Grow, 1ml Bio bloom, 2ml Bio Heaven + Top max, to the irrigation. After watering the plant has started to move the leaves and has bent.

  • Irrigation to Critical with 1ml of Root Juice, 2ml of Bio Heaven and 1ml of Fish mix.

  • I apply in the irrigation of Gelatto and Cookies 2ml of Root Juice and 2ml of Bio heaven.

July 7th

Today critical six weeks ago!...

critical seis semanas.jpg

...Gelatto and...

gelatto growbarato.jpg

...Cookies are now 2 weeks old.

cookies strain.jpg

July 8th

  • I have seen that there are new spots on some of the sheets of Auto Nyc I have searched for information about the possible causes. I think it may be a whitefly.

manchas blanca.jpg

  • I also thought that I saw something white sitting on one of the leaves and then it started flying. Apparently there are also new spots on the leaves of Critical.

hoja podrida critical.jpg

  • The two main leaves of Cookies are still full of spots, a couple of new leaves have sprung up and the cotyledons are almost destroyed. The stem is still strange.

cotiledones destruidos cookies.jpg

  • Gelatto continues to grow normally has 10 leaves.

  • Today I will apply 2ml neem oil as a preventive. Let's see if in this way I get the new leaves of the Cookie to grow clean.



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Excellent cultivation report, very detailed! 👍


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