Cultivation report from June 16th to June 25th: We are already 4. Auto New york city, Critical, Gelatto and Cookies.

7 months ago

Hello friends forgive for taking so long, I'm here!

It has been several weeks since I made the last revision of the plants. In today's publication, it shows the changes that the children have had since June 16 to June 25. In addition to introducing you to two new friends.

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June 16th

I had to tutor the New York City car because with the weight of the leaves it was folding. For this I used a simple stick of pinchitos, where she has supported herself. A couple of tiny leaves are also starting to come out.

New tork city strain.jpg

The critical feminized one is three weeks old and a new pair of central leaves are starting to appear.

June 17th

The new leaf pair of the NYC continues to grow. The last time I put water on it was day 14 and it still has humidity. Height is about the same.

I have transplanted the critical to a larger pot and I have applied it in the irrigation 1 ml of Root Juice enhancer and 1.5ml of Bio heaven. I have noticed and they are growing four new leaves. I also had to put some tutors on it because it was bent both above and below. I have used the same sticks of pinchitos that with the NYC.

critical growbarato.jpg

Today I have started to germinate the 100% feminized seeds of Gelatto and Cookies.

June 18th

The seeds of Gelatto and Cookies have already germinated. I have planted each one in a small pot.

June 20th

Today is the second week of life of Auto New York City. These days there have not been many changes.

auto new york city.jpg

June 21th

I have detected small white spots on the leaves of the NYC (and critical). I had to apply neem oil in a foliar way with a sprayer. I hope this solves the problem. I will be attentive.

NYC strain piramyd seeds.jpg

Critical also seems to have white spots on some of the leaves, which makes me suspect that there may be some insect, I also apply the neem oil with a sprayer.

critical feminizada.jpg

Gelatto and Cookie have finally sprouted from the earth. I was starting to worry. Alomejor plants them too fast.

June 23th

The white spots are still there in both New York City and Critical.

Gelatto and Cookies have already finished sprouting. But there's a little problem. The seed of the Cookies does not want to separate from the cotyledons and takes it for a hat. A part has the strange stem, too thick and white I would say.

cookies growbarato.jpg

June 24th

I am very attentive to the NYC spots so that no new spots appear. I do not see any kind of bug.

With the critical I am still very attentive to the spots on the leaves. I hope the Neem oi0l has an effect.

A Gelatto has already left the first pair of leaves, but Cookies continues with the seed hanging. I tried to remove it with my fingers, but it is too close.

June 25th

At the moment it seems that no new spots are appearing on the leaves. Gelatto continues to grow happily and Cookies still does not release the seed. I tried to help her release her and this time I succeeded. The stem is still strange.


Good friends, I still have to show you all the changes from day 26 onwards. I hope to have it for tomorrow. Goodnight!


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