Weed Diary: Week 7 Of Flowering

8 months ago

Cheese- Week 7

As I sit here this morning, I cancelled my physical therapy appointment for the day about three hours ago, as I listen to the sound of ice hitting my office area window,I thought I'd share an update on my remaining flowering grow. It's been about two weeks since I did a thorough update and so much has been happening in the grow room and tent.

First off, I moved my gardening table and some of my supplies from the back of the kitchen area to the grow room and moved the two tents that were on that bedroom's wall to the other side.

My work area in the back of my kitchen was getting too crowded and it was time for some new changes. Ever since the incident last month I have been a rampage of cleaning, organizing and getting myself re-setup. It feels good too! I am a freak of OCD nature so this newly discovered opportunity to get things more in order is actually keeping me busier than I had imagined it would.

But enough of my housekeeping ideas and thoughts... let's move on to the changes happening here.

As you can see from the image above, the Cheese plants are doing FREAKIN-FABULOUS! The trichomes are present and starting to dazzle and glisten... ahhh, such a glorious sight! And the pistiles are starting to curve and bend. I just love the transformation of plants during this time of flowering. I never tire of seeing this happen.

Critical- Week 7

The Critical are doing just as great too!

The colas and buds are really filling in, becoming a little more dense and when I open the grow room door, the essence of cannabis just overwhelms me. I can remember years ago when this scent and smell would have bothered me; but now? I can't get enough of it.

It's kind of amazing really...
I can almost determine the week of the flowering grow now just by smell. Anyone else like that? You walk into the room and you just know... the flowering has commenced and the buds are forming.


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I can almost determine the week of the flowering grow now just by smell. Anyone else like that? You walk into the room and you just know... the flowering has commenced and the buds are forming

I guess you've been doing this for a long time and have become very sensible to everything tthat concerns the plant

Your plants are very much close to harvest....welcome back...happy 2019

How you going, I haven't seen you around for a while. I hope you had a good NYE! Those plants are looking amazing, it looks like it's snowing inside your tent too with all those crystals, Lol. It's good to see you back, have a good one, bong on. :-)

Every time I return to the platform after a short hiatus, I find one of your posts first and read it. Your layouts and pictures, as well as the storytelling in general, are top notch among the posters here, imo. Is the purple hue amplified by the light or is it actually that visually stunning? I would definitely taste such a beautiful looking plant yield, with no hesitation! mhmm Tasty!
Thank you for the quality, entertainment and educational value of your posts! A pleasure to read, and look at, every single time!
P.S.: As a footer note, did you ever consider the typo in your presentation? I am referring to: "... Meniere's Disease inflicted, which should, in this circumstance, afflicted instead, for all intents and purposes. You see, from experience as a writer, I can vouch for the terminology: "One has a punishment inflicted by the court upon himself, after being found guilty of said crime...", whereas "The people of that country are massively afflicted by this deadly disease" would be best suited in describing a condition inherent to contracting an illness... Which example I am merely pointing out! ;) I have no doubt you will smile at my humble offering of wisdom and I feel you are going to keep us entertained and well read for a long time to come... Great Work!

With the flowering smell you are already perceiving, i guess all your plants are female

Glad to see back around! Hope all is well in your world. Happy new year!

Is this Critical Mass as in the strain from CBD crew?

freakin fabulously fluffy ladies!

would have loved to see them without the spectral lighting.

Cheese! Love 💖 cheese me

I love this