Weed Diary: Week 2 Flowering &

last year

On the left is one of the OG Kush flowering plants and on the right is a Gorilla Zkittlez

Week two of my newest harvest started over this past weekend and so far the plants are looking healthy, vibrant and look ready to start some little buds forming. It's amazing but I could stare at this plants and pictures all day long and never grow tired of seeing what I have been able to grow and create.

One of the two Hulk Berry plants.

In this image, if you look close enough, you can really see every detail; the pistils, the calyx forming and the stipules.

I can remember when I first started to grow cannabis and how confused I was with all the knowledge needed. From knowing what to look for at what stage to knowing and understanding how to mix the nutrients.

At one point in time, I had told my husband that a person needed to have a botany or chemical degree to get all the information in order.

What kind of degrees do I have?

Early Childhood Development and Journalism.

Both of which really wouldn't assist me with this type of career.

I never cared for science class in high school. It was boring to me. Sure I got A's on all the assignments, lab experiments and other class related things, but it just wasn't my cup of tea.

I'm working on a post for later today about what degrees are the best for the cannabis industry, so keep an eye out. Pretty interesting!

Now that the flowering plants have settled into their new grow tent and the dirt has settled, I can compact the dirt in the 5-gallon buckets and add more to the top.

This may seem to be an odd ritual for some, but I like to let the plants and coco coir with perlite soil settle in before I compress it and fill the buckets to the top. Not sure why... aside from being able to tend to the plants even more than I already do. I like to keep strict diaries and journals of the daily growth, any changes and all statistics of every plant from every grow. Yeah... OCD is me!






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What do you think of the dedicated cannabis courses, as opposed to traditional botany courses?


I'm not a science related expert, but i think some customized classes for cannabis are definitely a possibility. While botany is an umbrella course, I think a more cannabis-geared or related core structure would be a great class. Perhaps more than one too- one for nutrients, one for plant terminology, etc


This would be great. :)

In many ways, cannabis is not like most plants you find in the veggie garden. I'd like to see classes which cover why cannabis is so good at phytoremediation, and how this applies to end flower quality. :)

Awesome future coming. :)

Looking great!!!


Oh!! If only they could grow that fast!!


lol, true!


Right, that would be the day..


The day that cannabis grew over 80% of the planet's surface in 24hrs..


Wouldn't that be the day..

Week 2 is when I clip all the flower sites stretching for light. :) Any flower site in the optimal light density is going to develop right from the main branch. The short stem you see on the top-right of the OG Kush is the type of flower site I would clip. :)

These flowers will grow fluffier, have extra stem and be lower quality than the top flowers. When they're clipped, these resources go toward the other optimal flower sites. :)

At harvest time, all you have are premium flowers. :D