Weed Diary: Transplanting & Flowering Stage For New Crop Plus Cloning/Seedlings Begin

last year

Now that the last harvest of cannabis is curing, I was able to concentrate on getting the next round of clones and seedlings headed off into their new home: The Flowering Tent.

I have six plants that needed to be transplanted into the 5-gallon buckets and now was the time to clone the ones I wanted to carry on the lineage I've put so much time and care into.

Obviously I made two clones of the OG Kush which has been one of my favorites to grow and consume. It just has a great flavor, after taste and really helps with my anxiety; plus everyone (patients and others) who have tried it rave on and on about the effects, the relaxation mood they experience and most have already requested it for future deliveries.

These new clones will be my fourth cloning from the mother plant; While I'm not sure what generation the mother plant was. The person who I got the mother plant/clone from said he grew it from seed, but was unsure of how many times he had actually cloned it himself.

My OG Kush Being Transplanted & Cloned

So right now I have two OG Kush, two Hulk Berry, one Gorilla Zkittles and one unknown (yeah, that's another story in itself I'll write about) in the flowering tent.

Plants I Have Cloned Or Growing By Seed

  • 2 Super Skunk (seeds)
  • 2 OG Kush (clone)
  • 2 Hulk Berry (clone)
  • 2 Gorilla Zkittles (clone)

While I'm still debating about growing more AK47 (I do have seeds), I was actually thinking about sticking with Indica or Indica-dominant hybrids this time around solely. Most of the people I deal with seem to prefer the Indica strains. Which makes me wonder if it's a geographical thing? Have you ever noticed people preferring Sativa or Indica where you live? That would make for a pretty cool statistical chart. Which states and areas prefer which strains?






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My opinion regarding Sativas vs Indicas is that, first, it is really hard to find pure Sativas since they take far too long to flower(a 14/16 week flower would be considered short)and also they are a bitch to grow. They almost eat nothing and as soon as you go over the limit by 1%, they will let you know they didn't like it, they are also too tall for indoors, impossible in a tent even if you switch to 12/12 from seed. High also can be difficult if you are not used to it, don't get me wrong it is a superior high, very creative and active but definitely not to smoke at home to chill, you will be climbing walls or deciding to clean your whole house at 3 in the morning

Indicas are the greatest tasting strains, also smell, their structure makes them very easy to grow Indoors, great to chill, quick, very commercial strains

Hybrids are where it seems breeders are managing to get the best out of both worlds, AK47 and its few phenotypes is a great example, Super Silver Haze another, this two are mostly Sativas but the hint of Indica they have allows them to short their flowering period, depending on the phenotype to as short as 9/10 weeks.

For whoever has space I would definitely recommend having a go at a Sativa or to an almost 100% Sativa, Neville´s Haze can be ready in 14/16 weeks Flowering and believe me it is one of the nicest stoners experiences you can have ;-)

I would really like to take double blind study on sativa and indica and their effect and people. I have feeling that this is something that is currently in, rather than people actually noticing the difference.
Most of the reviews I see are usually people praising indica or sativa when they know from the label what is it. I wonder if they didn't knew would they guess it.


Very difficult, there's so many strains out there and many are "crossed with an unknown x strain", in the eyes of medical professionals in the UK there's no difference between 'indica' and 'sativa' which is some bullshit, but I guess I can buy into marketing not matching perfect genetic description..


I ve seen the same strain called at least 4 different names in 4 different cannabis clubs, not joking, asides that real doctors i8n the EU haven't got a clue, thats another serious problem we face, for them it will be easier to prescribe a pil just because they know it

I think the preferences are legal areas.. Places like CO OR and WA tend to prefer Sativas imo.. because they've been smoking legally long enough tp not need to "feel it"...

Indicas are couch lock.. esp Kush.. I think these are more pouplar in places that are just getting legal cannabis .. just my opinion


You make a valid point here. I'd love to start tracking the preferences of areas around the US, Canada and other countries just see what happens.

What is interesting to know is the quality of the cloned ones if they come directly from the mother plant, I think there shouldn't be any deviation of taste and effect. I also think that the clones from clones will vary accordingly on how they were grown and what feed they get and for how many generations are they at the time of planting.

That would be an interesting chart, especially if also polled 5 years after legalization.

I’m going to take a wild stab and say that initially the preference will mostly be on what people grew used to. Would be interesting to them see if larger availability and broader range changes things.

Also to compare results against climate and even living style/pace.

mMmmm OG Kush, mouth watering


OMGosh!! I know, right!

I love my OGK! It's like my fourth child!

Great article and pictures. That og tho!

Around here you get what's on offer and that's it, no choice. Joy of living under a stupid nanny state run by idiots. Bong on. :-)