Trying A New Technique This Go-Around

3 months ago

My husband is addicted to the Facebook Marketplace; and while I'm not a person who uses FB, likes FB or has posted on the social network in over a year, I do have to admit... the shopping marketplace can be a plethora of great deals.

So last week when he told me about these plant levelers (that's what the seller called them), I was anxious for him to pick up some. I had actually seen a similar one for sale at a garage sale a few weeks back and bought one for $5; about this seller on FB had 60 of them for $1 each!

More or less, these plant levelers were a plastic coated heavy duty wire circle thingy with three posts/legs for support. I'm quite sure these are used for tomato plants, cucumbers and other stealthy growing garden plants, but I saw them in a while new light.

They would be perfect for a simple SCRoG method that I've never been able to perfect and use for growing.

Since my latest grow was in week two of flowering I thought it was best to get to work on training the plants now before they became too big, stubborn and way beyond training.


It seems as though all of my crops have a leggy growth to them and I've been wanting to see if SCRoGging the plants will produce a bigger yield... so perhaps this is the technique I need to try.

After I spent quite a bit of the morning getting the plants' branches into their assigned square, I had my husband pinch the top stem/center cola branch down. I can't do it without causing harm to the plant because my fingernails are too long and when I did attempt it myself, I ended up killing off the top branch and growth. So hubby is the man for the job!

The new plant levelers that we got last week do not have the wire legs like the one I found at the garage sale, so hubby took one in to work today with an extra tomato cage. He's going to remove the legs from the tomato cage and try to weld them onto the plant levelers for me. Right now the other plants with the new plant levelers has paint stirring sticks tied with twine to hold them in place and give the plant support.

So we shall see of the welding job works and if it does, then I'll have plenty of these homemade SCRoGging tools to use for future grows. If not, then I'll just be using the paint stirrers or extra doll-rods I have in the grow room.






Image Banner by @mrspacely

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Nice work on finding the deal on them. They sound like they will do a great job wih scrog.

Beautiful strong bushes. I am sure that this technique will be useful to many