The Last Of The Trim Has Cured

6 months ago

This was from the second day of my trimming Olympics from a few weeks ago. I hadn't realized how many plants were really in the grow tents... that is until you need to trim it all.

Trimming seems to be the most dreaded task of growing. Mixing nutrients, trimming away fan leaves, checking the growing conditions all seem to be the easy chores to do.

Trimming is back breaking at times, you need to have good focus and be slow with the trimmers. One quick move in the wrong direction and you can cut a beautiful cola in half. Yeah... how many of us has that happened to?

This was three hangers' worth of AK-47 from the drying and curing tent. I still had one more hanging in there. It looks overwhelming, doesn't it?

I had woken up early that Sunday morning and started in as soon as my first cup of coffee had kicked in and the sleep was rubbed away from my eyes.I find this to be the best time for me to trim.I am at my most alert, no disturbances as hubby is either still asleep or has headed off to work.

How do you set up to trim? What's your routine to make this task easier and go quicker?






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We hacked the big colas first and hand trimmed green as much as we could until we were overwhelmed. We then used the hand-cranked trimmer on the bulk of the rest while still green and we are now going back to the hung stuff to hand trim.

It really is a scramble trying to do it in a way that is most efficient. Short on scissors (well, we fought over the good ones at least) and a shortage of lap trays (the ones with screens and an area for your arms to rest) depending on how many people we have helping.

Next year we are going to focus more on having everything before the trim season starts and have some plans on streamlining the process and a better way of preserving the trim. This year there was just so much we didnt focus on it much (too bad because it is really nice getting a useful byproduct of the process).

The AKs look deadly and yummy and with that said, this is what makes trimming time more fun for me... knowing that smoking time is close by... have fun enjoying them

I usually get the big leaves with scissors then come in close and get the smaller ones with my hands. i love trimming because of the therapeudic nature of the activity. it makes me feel good possibly because of all the smells and sticky resins!

looks amazing

Not sure yet how I will trim but I bet it will be to my favorite stoner tunes.

That's a awesome looking stash, stoners heaven, Lol. Bong on. :-)

I know this is a beginner's question but, why do you trim the buds? Is it for cosmetic reasons, or is there some actual purpose for it?

how do you add multiple tags to your post? when I try it only allows me to choose one option.

It´s pretty amazing ma´am ... The stash looks great!

No boring reading your blog.