The Final Stage Of Recent Harvest: Curing

7 months ago

My latest harvest is in the home stretch!

Curing has begun!

This was the first strains I was able to get into jars this past weekend. Large half gallon jar in the back is Cheese, the half gallon jar in the front is the Critical and the little jar is Gorilla Zkittles.

I don't like to overcrowd the buds during the curing process so I make sure I never fill the jars more than halfway. Anyone else like this? Or is it just me?

More or less, I plan on one plant per jar.

I still had more Cheese, Critical and AK47 to finish trimming up from drying; but we all know how back-breaking this process can be, so I allow myself usually two days to complete the final trim before curing.

Sitting on the shelf in my grow/homesteading room with the cannabis salves I made late last year.

I ended up trimming and putting the remaining plants up on the shelf too since this picture was taken.

The aroma from the Cheese is simply amazing! Every time I open the jar to let it breath and release the moisture/humidity, it takes all I have in me not to sniff the cannabis and fill my head with the scent. It's very potent smelling and I really can't wait to try in a few more days when the curing process is complete.






Image Banner by @mrspacely

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They look A grade delicious. A truly successful harvest I would say.


YES!! Considering all things... I am pleased with the harvest!

Hoping to do a review next week on Cheese and Critical... maybe the GZ too!


Awesome post, your jars inspired me to post mine today too!


@hightimes glad I could motivate you with this post- looking forward to seeing yours too!

how long does it takes to cure? Will be starting my first plants soon.


I try to keep the temperature in the darkened grow tent at about 65-degrees and the humidity low (around 50% or less) and I'll had in a dehumidifier to help with regulate the humidity.

It depends on the strain and the conditions of where the cannabis is being cured; but an average is about 7 days for me. You have touch the buds; you want a little brittleness to the outer buds and the inner part to have some give.

I think that you are better off filling the jars to the top. The less oxygen, when they are sealed, the better.


Perhaps but I worry about mold. Maybe I'll try one jar next time and see what happens.


Yes, definitely need to be careful about mold, but if the buds have the right moisture content and you "burp" the jars, it will not be a problem. Oxygen will actually degrade your harvest, over time.

I agree with you on only filling the jars part way, I think the bud needs spaces to breath and creates less chance at mold


I also rotate the jars, giving the buds a chance to move around and allow air to circulate on all sides

Nice stash, especially when you thought all was lost. That should keep you going till you get your next crop going. thanks for the update, bong on. :-)