Starting Over... Cannabis Grower Seeks NEW Love!

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I've been contemplating doing this for some time now and the other evening as we watched zombies mulling through the TV screen as we watched the DVR'd season premiere episode of Fear The Walking Dead, we concurred and agreed... NOW IS THE perfect time to start afresh!

Now when I say we're starting over... I don't mean we are getting rid of all our grow stuff, plants, etc... what I mean is we are starting new plants, new seeds all the while keeping my sacred OG Kush Mother plant in forever veg state.

I'm looking for some suggestions on purchasing new seeds and strains!

Forget the tall, dark and handsome thinking... I want the higher yield, aromatic scent and dense bud version of this new love.

So let's get this interview process started, shall we?

What I'm looking for in a strain?

I want both a sativa and an indica. It doesn't matter about the grow difficulty; I just want two strains that you would swear by being powerful, potent and give you the relief you LOVE.

Effects Seeking?

I am seeking, in the sativa, a bold flavor. An effect that will keep me focused. One that will satisfy my appetite. You know... one that will give me that boost of brain and physical energy to get me through my crazy days.

For the indica, I want a smooth flavor; one that as soon as I taste it or smell it, will send me into a euphoria high of relaxation. It will help mask the stress, anxiety and make me want to snuggle deeper into the sofa forgetting all my worries.

Think you have suggestions? PLEASE let me know!






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Look forward to seeing what seeds you get. What about "kush doctor "seeds i'm pretty sure it's a 50/50 hybrid of o.g kush /super lemon haze . : )


Oh I am so glad you made that statement...

What about "kush doctor "seeds i'm pretty sure it's a 50/50 hybrid of o.g kush

I m super partial and have a deep seeded (no pun intended) passion for Kush strains!

How about trying Amnesia Haze... its genetics is more Sativa and you´ll get a cerebral high that you would forget where you are! A popular strain at coffee shops in Amsterdam., it´ll surely help with stress , depression, and surely pain among others.

Hey @goldendawne 43 North is that Oregon then? I grew these two strains in Oregon in ‘16/17. In my 20 years growing many different great strains I would highly recommend either of them.
The thumbnail for my latest post is a row of 8 Cherry Kush plants scrogged out into a 4’ by 20’ row. I’m sure you’ll find something great, there’s a lot of amazing strains out right now. ✌️


43 North is that Oregon then?

No... MUCH further east

I have some crossbred seeds of Girl Scout cookie and Gorilla Glue and I also have some crossbreed of passion fruit and Gorilla Glue along with having just some Gorilla Glue seeds if you'd like me to send you any just let me know and I'll send them to you

Try Blue Dream by Humboldt Seed Organization.
Also any strain by Bodhi is fire. Also have a look at Cannarado and Oni Seed Co

WLD types, I have no idea really.

NLD types? That I have experience with and the upbeat, focus can be found in the lemon strains and Cinderella-99 crosses.

Satori is a wonderfully creative strain and great yielder

Sativa: Durban Poison or Lemon Zkittles from Dutch Passion. Indica:Afghan Kush or Bubba Kush.