So I've Been Thinking... Bloom Boosters- Should I Continue Using One? Or None At All?

4 months ago

As best as I can recall I didn't start using this Advanced Nutrient additive until sometime in late 2018. But lately I've been considering finding a new one. I am just not too pleased with the results I've been getting.


According to the manufacturer's website directions:

Mix 5 ml per liter (1 tsp per quart) into your nutrient solution. This will increase solution ppm by approximately 300 ppm. Do NOT exceed the recommended rates for this product

Which I do faithfully.

When I had first purchased Big Bud, the Hydro-store guy told me for best results he recommended using this as an additive to the nutrients' schedule from week 2 through week 4 of the flowering stage; just as the label states on the bottle.

As I sat here over the last month contemplating how to get my buds bigger for better yields (which always seems to be my quest in the cannabis life), I started thinking about this nutrient. And how it may not be giving me what I want.

Over the last month I also started researching some other bloom boosters for my crop.

There's chemical enhanced ones and even synthetic ones, as well as organic ones. So which to choose?

While I am not a I-have-to-have-organic person, I am not real fond of using too many chemicals (or man-made) on items (ie. food, cannabis) that I would be consuming.

I do use the General Hydroponics nutrients, and have from the very beginning, so when I saw that they make an organic bloom booster (General Hydroponics BioThrive Bloom) I was intrigued. And in all honesty, the Big Bud purchase came from a suggestion from the Hydro-store guy; as I had never knew about them before that recommendation.

At the end of all my research, I came across an article from Royal Queen Seeds that said NOT to use any grow boosters.

So now I was totally confused!

The article's first paragraph said:

Overdoing it with nutrients and grow boosters is one of the most oft-made mistakes when cultivating cannabis. Learn how to use nutrients and grow boosters properly and why “less” is often more when you want to grow cannabis successfully

The article went on to discuss the potential growth problems due to over nutrient'ing your crop. Things like nutrient burn... root issues and more. Which in return send you back to the store for more chemicals or additives to fix the problem. Vicious cycle, right? But you have to admit, it does make sense.

My confusion is now in overdrive... Or am I just over-thinking this?

So I have to ask all my followers and fellow growers... first, do you use an advanced nutrient like this? And secondly, if you do, have you noticed an increase in your yield; or even a size difference with your buds and colas? Or do you forgo this completely?



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Personally I prefer doing things organically. I want what I consume to be safe and I don't trust any type of chemicals.


Same here, don't need to buy any magic, because nature is already magic.


If I am real I am using a mixture of turkey shit and vegetable protein mixed with water. It is natural and my buds seem to like it

All I use for blooming is bat guano

I'm a firm believer in bud enhancers.

I'm using their Connoisseur Bloom alongside with Plagron Green Sensation. I add additives first, then check the EC and then top up with base nutrient to hit the desired EC. The reason is that most additives' recommended dosage is 1 ml/l and Connoisseurs' is 1-4 so that gives me open room to play with EC.

Now in your case, I'd stick to Big Bud to the end, but maybe raise dosing cos 0-1-3 seems pretty low for booster. PK boosters are 0-13-14, Green Sensation is 0-9-10...

And for Advanced Nutrients, try to get second opinion or check their website cos you may be missing something. I remember them having very broad selection of some pretty similar additives. It was quite complicated to differ what's for beginners and pros.

If I got it right, you didn't change anything else and that's good. You know exactly where the problem is. I hope this helps 🤘🏻