SMOKE Log: The Weeks Are Just ZIPPING By For This Harvest

last year

OG Kush from the beginning of week 2 (on the left) and the same bud midway through week 5 of flowering (on the right). OH HOW time and growth can be seen!

I absolutely love keeping my journal, images and comparisons of all my plants and grows. I get to learn so much from them; what changes need to be made, what is better/worse about this newest grow compared to previous grows and how I can try to advance the yields.

You really notice the changes in your plants when you have the images side by side; and with these two images above the progression of the buds is significant. I have about three-plus weeks left in this grow and I am anxious to see how the OG Kush does.

OG Kush is by far my favorite strains to grow. Not just because it's an indica, but because it does well in all phases of the grow. While I can't remember, I do believe it's one of the strains that is highly recommended for first time, or new, growers. I think I may have seen that on the Leafly website for OG Kush.

Probably in the next few days, I'll be getting out this new microscope I purchased back in January and checking on the trichomes and pistils; watching for them to start curling up, changing color and do what they need to.

I will be writing a post and review for this microscope as well; hopefully tomorrow or this weekend. I am still messing around with it and trying to figure out a few things as I have been inundated with so many gardening chores, appointments outside the house and daily life obstacles. But I will have the review in the VERY near future for you all!






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Kush is looking great

The last weeks feel like they take forever :)

Whoa! Followed the second I read about your new microscope. :)
Beautiful pictures!

I almost always end up giving them at least couple more weeks than expected, or what the seed packs say. I try to wait for 50% amber trichs.

That OG looks good!!!
I was looking at one of those microscopes in amazon a couple of days ago, very interested in hearing how it works for you

Your OG Kush is looking powerful! best of luck with the microscope,.. I suppose there's no way for us to see what you see through it?