SMOKE Log: OG Kush, Gorilla Zkittlez & Hulk Berry DOING Unbelievable!!

7 months ago

First I want to say sorry for my absence over the last week... Mr Golden D had a surgical procedure last Thursday and his recovery was more than we had anticipated (with a return emergency visit follow-up to the doctors yesterday). But now he's better now and back to work today... and so am I!

So let me give you my weekly update on some of the plants in the flowering tent!

Hulk Berry

As week seven kicked off in my grow room things were looking stupendous! All the plants were growing fast, the pistils were turning and curling up and starting to get the slight amber color to them (wait until you see the most recent images below from yesterday).

OG Kush

This strain has got to be my all-time favorite for many reasons. Super easy to grow, great for a beginner grower and consumer and it has a wicked smooth taste. I had received a clone from someone months ago and have continued the lineage of the OG Kush in every one of my crops thus far. I want to keep this strain's line going as it is a favorite among my patients too.

The buds are usually pretty dense, it has a great after-effect feel; not mind-numbing, but the sedated state it offers the user is prominent and perfect for anxiety, depression and for when you need to relax and drift off to sleep easily.

Week 7 Gorilla Zkittlez

Ahhh... my sweetness! I never thought I'd waver over to lovin' Gorilla Zkittles the way I do. The fragrance from this Gorilla Glue and Zkittlez off-spring is frickin' fabulous!

Zkittlez is an indica-dominant mix of Grape Ape and Grapefruit

And the immediate after taste of the grape (fruitiness) is undeniable one of the best! I have my vape filled with Grape Ape and having the GZ for rolling was one of the best seed purchase decisions I've made.

Week 8 Has Commenced

OG Kush (on the left) and Hulk Berry (on the right) are developing some luscious trichomes! In another 10 days or so I will be harvesting these little gals- OH yeah!






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I need a lens for macro shots, loove this!

They are so beautiful you are doing a great job. I hope my girls look that good come close to harvest..

look really nice

Beautiful post. You got a green thumb thats for sure. With anything. Im happy Mr. Golden Dawn is ok and that he had you to get him back on his feet!

Excellent work, they are looking fab!!!

Some of the best photo's i've seen on so far !

Very interesting

They look to be growing really well.

Wow! I can believe my eyes. I think I have found my next strain type to grow. I can't wait to see the fully bloomed Hulk Berry! I don't believe I have come across that here in Colorado. (Incredible Hulk but not Hulk Berry- OMG) I'll be keeping my eyes open for that one!