SH*T Just Got Real: Devastation, Ruins & Death: Vulgar Language & MAJOR Rant

8 months ago

The last image I have of my Gorilla Zkittles before tragedy struck

I missed posting yesterday as I was preoccupied in the grow room cleaning up a mess. I didn't get many images or pictures as I was distraught, angered, furious, pissed off, devastated and ready to throttle someone.

On Wednesday I had made a post about security and all the good things to know about storing, growing and cultivating cannabis and in my opening paragraph I even mentioned my own reasons for keeping things under lock and key.

Well... Wednesday evening all hell broke loose here and all but one Gorilla Zkittles and one AK-47 have been ruined.

A step relative who was living here went on a rampage in MY HOME and was threatening my husband's life and my own... instead of hurting us physically... he tore up almost every plant in my large grow tent.

Image on left is after I had cleaned everything up. Image on the right is all the plants inside a garbage bag.

I am sickened by this. NO... I AM FUCKING furious about this!

This little punk ass 22 year-old kid lived in my home for FREE... FOR FUCKING free and when he was told he had to pay his cell phone bill, as we are tired of paying his bills and him being a freeloader... he went ballistic. He was also told ALL the weed will NOW be in the grow room; and apparently he didn't like that either. He wanted free reign and access to the weed. Oh hell no!

For an unknown reason that I can't remember, the grow room wasn't locked. And he barged in there and started tearing plants from the buckets, breaking the stems... he has ruined almost my entire crop. All I could salvage from the big grow tent was one Gorilla Zkittles and one small AK-47. The Critical and Cheese are in the small grow tent untouched.

As soon as I heard the familiar sound of a grow tent being unzipped I threw down what I was holding and ran to the room. I grabbed the little SON-OF-A-Bitch by the shirt and flung him across the room. His father, my husband, ran into the room (as he was outside smoking a cigarette after a confrontation with the kid) and had to pull me back away from the kid. I swear I was going to go full psycho on the little bitch!

These are not only MY plants.. these belong to my patients too!

So yesterday after cleaning up the mess (soil was ALL over the carpet as he just started pulling plants out of the buckets and flinging the dirt everywhere), I had to contact my two patients and tell them certain strains would be unavailable and I would have lesser amounts to offer. I briefly explained what transpired; and luckily they are not upset (they were more compassionate than I was expecting).

So know I start over with new clones and seedlings.

While I will have a harvest in the coming weeks, it will just be a lot smaller in yield. My husband is furious, but also feels guilty for throwing his own son out of the house. But let me tell you... I have had arguments with my three children and if they had done this, I would toss their asses out too. They would have NO reason for touching my plants.

So now the ex-wife is practically pleading with my husband to give the kid a second chance and let him move back in. FUCK NO! He can stay at her house; which she doesn't want because she also doesn't want to deal with him and his attitude and disrespect (hence why he's been with us for the last six years).

LET ME TELL... anyone threatens my husband's life and says I'll kill you or that I hope that bitch dies; referring to me, has no place in my life or home.

This moment of eviction has been a long time coming and my husband finally stood his ground and booted him. I would have done it YEARS ago; you know, the first time the little ass called his father a piece of shit. Or the first time he got in trouble with the police. Get out and STAY out now! You don't deserve any chances. You are nothing to me anymore.

Who Can You Trust?

Well after all that, his father threw him out. Packed his car and he is gone. Gone for good.
I will NEVER allow this little punk ass, disrespectful ass into my home again. He's not welcome here and I will not allow him to ruin my life, home and safety.

Be careful who you allow to know about your grows. Be careful who you allow into your home.






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Oh honey I am so sorry. Noone but my husband and my readers will know about my grow. And since only one person in my actual life knows this screen name here belongs to me, hopefully I will be safe from shit like this. And OMG over a freaking phone bill... My son turns 19 this month and I am so glad he acted mature when I told him since his dad's support cuts off this month starting next month he has to pay his own phone bill, his response was okay mom. We allow him to live here rent free and we told him he can live here rent free as long as he helps around the house. But he needs to save most of what he earns for his future if he does that we won't charge him rent. But he also knows that by the age of 21 if he hasn't launched himself we will push him to launch himself.


That is wonderful how your son reacted to the news. Very mature and stands to say how well you raised him.

My step-son lived here rent-free too. He paid his car insurance... nothing else.
What did he do around here to help? Nothing. Not even after my auto collision three months ago. Nothing. Not even taking the garbage to the curb. It's sad. Even when asked to do something... his answer was ALWAYS later. On his time schedule.


I am gonna have to keep your story in mind when I get frustrated for having to ask my son to do his chores. Cause I can sometimes lose it because he hasn't done the dishes yet. But he always does what I ask him to. He has always been like that since his vaccine injury. I do realize how lucky I am in that area many I know who have injuries similar to my child have meltdowns and behaviors.

Sorry to hear/read this.

Glad to hear your patients were understanding.

Hope both of you can soon find peace again and overcome the additional stress this has created for both of you. Stay strong and enjoy the season to find peace with yourselves over what happened.

To a more relaxed and quieter family life. 🤘


Thank YOU!!!! YES! All is calming down here. Nothing negative between me and hubby. We are good. We're on the same page; united.

It just infuriates me that this kid is supposed to be a young man, the future of what our society will become. Scary... isn't it?

This is terrible. I Would be devastated. So much loving care given to each plant. This is absolutely horrible. I am so sorry this has happened. Hopefully you will be able to dry and cure some of the leaves and flowers for edibles. Tell your kids they can have an iPod and use Free wifi at their schools or Starbucks. I am never buying my kids a phone they use Fongo !... and it’s FREE.

Oh I am so sorry to hear what's happened. I dont think you can blame yourself for not having the door locked, you should be able to trust the people living in your household!

At 22 he should know better, so he needs to go for a while, this is no way acceptable.. Maybe in a 6 month or a year all can forgiven, young people make mistakes and grow up eventually right.

I can only imagine how pissed you must be. Let's reset the grow tent, and it's a chance to do things over, even better this time! Your garden will be back better than ever.

Oh what a mess he had created. So sorry to hear about what happened! This is terrible! I hope you could gather your composure and start cloning again . The boy is already of age so he should find himself his own place. Do not worry too much as it will only stress you. Now that he's out of your house it 's time to concentrate on planting anew.. Be blessed..start all over and be glad that he's out and that is an achievement you've been wanting to all the years he's been living with you..

That's terrible, I can't believe the total disrespect this clown has shown to people just trying to help his sorry arse. I wouldn't be having anything to do with this fool ever again, he has given you a perfect example of exactly what he thinks of you. I'm sorry for your loss, I know how much these plants meant to you. Regards.


It was a moment I almost lost my sanity that night. I am still reeling from it but at least now I'm not crying and storming through the house scaring the dog.

What is wrong with today's youth? The entitlement and ungrateful attitudes drive me nuts! I'm so sorry you had to deal with such ignorance. Unfortunately for some when they are told no, no matter the age, they still tend to throw tantrums. Your next yields will be abundant!


The entitlement and ungrateful attitudes drive me nuts

YES! All over a $60 cell phone bill that we've been paying for the last five years. good grief oh and the fact he can't have any control over the cannabis whenever he wants.


Sounds like he needs a true dose....of REALITY!!!😉

I'm very very sorry for what happened with your plants... This is a tragedy... Your business is affected... You will fix all, but you will need time... I'm sure that in the next year you will have more plants and more security!

I will tell you a situation: In the summer of 2017 I was visiting a friend in Amsterdam. He lives in a block on the first level. He had in the balcony of his apartment 3 amnesia. In one of the evenings we went in city and after 3 hours we come back to home. In this time a thief took the plants.

Plants should be kept in safe conditions! In some situations, they are more valuable than money!

Good luck @goldendawne and again I am very sorry for this situation!

Doesn't want to pay his phone bill so he does hundreds if not thousands of damages as retaliation? What's next, burning down the house? 22 is too old to be doing something so reckless, a bit of reality moving out will do good 👌

So sorry to hear your crop is toast, but not all is lost you can start over and reuse the materials there, you could juice the stalks or even maybe churn it all to make better soil? Perhaps you could try make clones as a salvage of the dead plants?

Oh my god, that's horrible; putting so much time to grow those precious plants and having them ruined in a second :(

Oh how I hate to read this! The youth of this generation have gotten out of control. My kids are 11 and 9 and we keep them in check regularly. Good luck with your future grows!


Oh come on some of us did worse than rip up a few potted plants!

Wooooow, Sorry for your loss! That's really terrible.
Step-son sounds pretty spoiled, maybe a couple years of not being spoiled will work that out of him. Like who destroys innocent plants because his weed supply is in danger, doesn't he know the plants provide the weed? He obviously wasn't thinking straight.

What the serious fuck?!

I'm so sorry to hear about your plants. No plant deserves something like that. So young to be flicked a roos the room. That's just disrespectful to you who took him in and give him a life. I would have done the same. He deserves what got to him. I hope it all goes back to how it was. Good luck.
I'm ashamed to hear that someone of almost my generation would do something like that. Anyone who would do that to plants doesn't respect even cannabis or smoked it out of love but because it gets him high. Keep us updated.

Sad story((
I believe that plants are holy! No quarrels in the family should affect the crop.
You can not break what you did not create yourself! I think you and your husband has acted correctly!
Let it be the biggest grief in your life or the last!
Do not drop your hands, I know that soon there will be a new smell harvest!
Good luck, the community is clearly on your side!

Im so sorry Golden D, I cant even imagine! Big hugs ♡


Thanks Amy!! I was at a total loss Wednesday night and yesterday. Today is better... a little.

I feel sorry for your loss. Anyway its never too late to mend. Do the things that are right and kick him out atleast. Make that happen to avoid loosing your beloved cannabis again.


Oh yes, he is gone. He never left his house key either, so this morning I was at the big box (Home Depot) store when they opened at 6am and bought all new house locks and dead bolts. He's still legally allowed in the house as it's his permanent residence, but he's not coming in here when I am not home or in the middle of the night. I'm not sleeping with one eye open.


Since you're in a legal state, you could take him to small claims court for destruction of property 🤷‍♂️


I don't think there would be any need for that, if he can't pay is phone bill, his much can you claim from him?

Sorry for the lost, that's life for some times you loss though it's never a part your plan, but you will surely get pass it. If u start a new grow now in few days you'll be smiling agiain

You are nothing to me anymore.

Woah! That's intense! There's no excuse for his behaviour, but I still hope you'll be able to move beyond all this eventually. After all, he's still your hubby's son!

I have no idea what's going on, he obviously has some issues to sort out ... but at 22 yrs of age, probably somewhat failing at life, a person will do a lot of shit without knowing what's actually happening inside of them.

I hope he get's a sobering experience from being booted out and it will help him come to his senses.

This sucks. But you're not alone. I've dealt with a lot of mental illness issues like that in my family too.

But you can't allow that kind of negativity in your life.

Allowing that kind of behavior without consequences is the worst thing you can do.

I'm super sorry this happened. I hope you can recover quickly. Also hopefully he can get help

Wish i could send you a few of my babies! I have over 200 so giving away 20 or so wouldnt be a big deal.

unfortunately those pesky custom officers and DEA would be at our doors if i sent iy from Africa...

Anyways, i am sending you positive energy and i know your grow room will recover from this incident. keep your head up!!