Oh No! We've Almost Hit The Roof & It's Only Week 4

2 years ago

Up... Up... Up We go!

Another weekend... another day spent in the grow room. On this Sunday's agenda was lollipopping and trimming the plants up. I had so many fan leaves that seemed to have come from nowhere and were overtaking and over-shadowing the lower leaves; so they had to go.

As you can see from the above images, these plants (OGKush, Gorilla Zkittles and Hulk Berry) are growing... growing... and growing some more. They just started week 4 and I had to raise the light again. These pictures were before I raised the lights up I have about four more inches left before these babies can't go anymore. The tent is 80-inches tall; less the height and space of the light. I am 5'10" and two plants are taller than me now. This grow is reminding me so much of the Sour Diesel I grew in 2017; which had an awesome yield. So I am hoping for a repeat here.

The buds in this grow tent are doing marvelous!

I can see how the buds are starting to grow in the nodes and will hopefully form into one large bud/cola over the next few weeks. Every node has a little bud and the pistils are developing so fast.

In the big flowering tent all the plants are trimmed up, lollipopped and ready to grow more.

You may remember a picture from a post I made about three weeks ago and I referred to this tent as the JUNGLE. Well, no more! All clean and ready for action now!

I usually do this major trimming and lollipopping around week 4 every grow and it hasn't failed me yet. Some people prefer NOT to lollipop or trim away the fan leaves, but I always have great success with it.

Critical are doing exceptionally well too.

These are in the smaller grow tent with the Cheese plants. I can't believe every day when I check in on the plants how much they have changed over night. And jut like children, they all develop their own personalities and we develop a bond with them.

See all those long pistils! Such a healthy crop so far!






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WOW, They're Tall!


If you're looking for ways to increase yield and quality, look into canopy management techniques. Low Stress Training (LST) and Supercropping are the two I use the most.

Cannabis grows the most awesome flowers in optimal light density. Too close to the light and the flowers are extremely compact and sometimes crispy. (been there! lol)

Too far from the light and the flowers are fluffy, with extra leaf and stem and a lower resin content (per gram of flower).

Using canopy management, we can shape the plant to be mostly in the optimal light zone. This puts the maximum number of flower sites in the best light density for growing superior quality cannabis.

You increase your yield and your quality. :D Win, Win!
Here's a link to an illustration my wife created for my book. :) https://imgur.com/a/utvdMKd (smoke.io is currently having issues with images)


I usually do the bend and tie down, even manifolding; but this time hubby wanted to see how they would do without all that. I guess he has his answer now! lol

He is shorter than me so most of the plants are taller than him.


LOL, well that explains it :D


i love supercropping! :)) best way for tall plants... most indica no stress with supercropping
much sativas have stress at cropping :)


You're correct. I've come across genetics which don't like cropping at all. I've also grown plants which would recover very quickly. I mean you literally have to tie the branch down LST style after supercropping. Without it, the branches would all be standing up within hours. LOL

How many weeks does this plant take to fully mature?


They still have another four weeks minimum to go. I'm hoping they can make it to the 9 week for flowering. fingers crossed

Why don't you topped this beautiful plant for them to grow wider and not taller. Topping also made them healthy and able to produce more flowers.


Usually I do top and/or manifold but this time we wanted to do something different. And as far as I can tell, they are just as healthy.


Healthy weed plants don't look this thin. These look like bamboo to me.
You are doing something wrong here. If you grew these same plants under the sun then they would have looked totally different. Not sure where you are located, but I'm happy to help you with your grow even if it is over email or discord. These plants need more light or the lights are too high and they are trying to grow upward to overcompensate for that.


You are doing something wrong here

My plants always look like this and they do great. I've always had good harvests with high yields.

I can appreciate you offering help or whatever but I have always grown my plants my way; as I'm sure you do yours your way and are pleased with the results of your own grows and harvest.

They are getting plenty of light inside this tent as I have figured the square space with the light allocations.

They may look like bamboo now as I had just trimmed them, and again I appreciate your grow knowledge, experience, etc but I kindly have to say thank you and I am fine growing my way.

I know they are reaching for the light... this isn't my first grow.

Again, thank you for your growing words and suggestions.

Awesome, these plant are powering along and look very healthy. So it's not a jungle anymore but it is a forest, thanks for the update. Ho, Ho, Ho bong on bro. :-)

This is beautiful

Your plants are taller than I am. I would refer to it as the jungle too. I have heard of people not lollipopping the fan leaves too. Have you ever tried lollipopping and leaving the fan leaves? I don't know if I have ever seen a plant grown that way.


Yeah, lolloping makes total sense because we remove the lower buds and bud sites that light is not reaching and are going to be fluff, so the plant pushes all the power to the top buds. Like that we increase the air flow as well. I see no reason for removing healthy fan leaves of a plant - because of larger leaf surface - more photosynthesis - the way plants get energy. I would do it only in case if there is just too many leaves blocking the air flow. Fan leaves - They know when they need to fall down, but that is just my opinion.

WOW they looking great! Trimming of the extra leaves its a must in any indoor crop, something that terrifies me when I do but so satisfying when all goes well. Keep it up,up,up and away....

hey you can bend/kink them 15 cm under the lamp!
if my plants are going to tall in flowering i aöways kink them give a look here: https://www.growweedeasy.com/low-stress-training-lst


I know as I have done this before. But as I said to others who commented, we are doing something different this grow. Each grow we try new technique... once was bend and tie down, manifolding, etc

I seriously think you should look at quantum boards and putting your lights lower. Your plants look like they are reaching for more lights. Also did you top any of your plants? Healthy plants in veg will grow outward with the right amount of LST,light,effort, topping and so forth.

I don't want to sound harsh, but you are growing weed not bamboo.


And again, I thank you for offering advice. But as I said in my other comment to you, I grow this way all the time and have never had a bad crop.


Cool no problem. I'll post some pics of my plants soon. Whatever works for you. Growing outside in the sun really changed my perspective on how light shapes the plant how it influences the bud.


All is good!!! I appreciate feedback from everyone; it's how we learn new ways, ideas and expand our own knowledge!

I'm looking forward to your upcoming posts and images! I am a fanatic about trichomes... sugar leaves, trim and the excess from the grow and buds. I love to make edibles so this is a HUGE things for me.

I can't really grow outdoors here. We only have three solid months of decent weather and sometimes during those three months the humidity gets upwards of 100%.

how long for a harvest? 2-3 week?

wow, so tall) beautiful garden 😂 ❤