Nutrients: How To Know When To Change It Up

last year

Since the day I started my first cannabis plant I have been using the "Hydroponics Flora Series" of nutrients. At the time I had no clue if the seed I sowed would even germinate and grow, I was just learning the difference between male and female plants and I was completely a new cannabis grower with no experience or knowledge; so I entrusted this learning process to the guys at the hydro-store.

As time has gone on (I started growing in the summer of 2017), I have expanded my knowledge, learned new grow techniques and have battled spider mites, root issues and when to harvest the plant to get the most THC by looking through a microscope. To say I have become more comfortable with cannabis, growing, making edibles and harvesting is an understatement.

But I have come to a crossroads in my cannabis grows.

Like all of us who grow, we want the best flavor plants, we want the biggest buds with each grow and we want every new harvest and crop to be better than the last, right?

Once a week I haul out the Flora box, the plastic jugs, the Big Budz and all the other vitamins and nutrients for my girls. I spend about a half-hour precisely measuring each bottle, I make sure the pH is spot on and I mix the jugs up. I take my time making sure every little detail is accurate.

I have converted the ml measurements to teaspoons, etc as I am not a metric measuring person. I make sure the water temperature is not too cold and not to hot- just call me Goldilocks.

If I ever have a question, I usually ask the hydro-store guys, but I only go there once every few months as it's quite a drive distance from my rural home and I don't travel from the homestead. Plus the location of the store is in the middle of crowd-haven suburbia and I don't care for crowds and too much traffic. So I can only ask the guys when I go there; and I know sometimes they are referring me to what they would use on their own crops, plants and harvests... but I am wondering if it's time to change up the formula and with the new clones and seedlings should I consider starting a new brand... a new nutrient... a new way to get a better yield.

ALL of my nutrient knowledge comes from the hydro-store staff/guys and when they vow and swear by a brand, product or additive; I just go with it because they are my support team.

WHAT do you use? And why?

I remember reading a few posts from months ago on or other cannabis blogs and websites and, of course every one has their own preferred brand; so today I bring to my fellow SMOKE members... WHAT do you use? And why?

I'm curious as to what caused you to gravitate to the nutrients regimen and brand you use. If you've changed brands, did you get a better yield?

Right now I'm getting about 3 to 4 ounces per plant; depending on if it's a sativa or indica- and honestly the indicas produce more usable buds.

But I know I can get more... PLEASE share your secrets!






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I am using Burpee's Plant food every 3 to 4 days and water that is it. I haven't used anything else on them but if was considering going and getting some nutrients from the Hydro store if the yellowing continued. I thought I wasn't watering enough and I am pretty sure that was my issue as the yellowing stopped after I increased the water. I am trying not to add much to it, as I want to make sure I have clean smoke and am worried I won't flush properly and it will affect how it tastes. Trying to do things as simple as possible. So far so good, I do plan to add them on the next grow to see what the differences are between this grow and the next one. Mainly I am doing things this way because I am on a very tight budget for this grow, because I am still buying marijuana to treat my issues with, once I am not spending money on marijuana I can use that to upgrade my grow system. Including adding more tents.

You guys are awesome. I mean all the friends on this platform and lot of knowledge being shared. I am learning from your experience and will soon become a successful cannabis grower.

I plan to one day learn to grow. Right now I'm just cultivating knowledge from everyone here

Hey golden how you doing!

I use both chemical and organic nutrients. I switch every two weeks from chemical to organic. I also make use of worm tea occasionally. I grow in soil and I've found that I can pull off measuring chemical nutrients with the ml measurements alone without having to measure PH as long as I stick to the right amounts. I've heard that if you are doing a hydroponic setup then what I just mentioned is not a very good idea.

I wanna be like you. you have a cold hands for the plants. You are so great there and here!

Great informative and personable post as always! When i finally get to grow, I wanna see if I can stay as organic as possible, with whatever is to hand. And understand we must flush the plants for a while before harvest ...

Glad to hear that you got a full set of nutrients. There is really all you need for a very very good grow and now you are destined for success. But wow dude, cannot believe that they recommended a company now very much associated with Monsanto. They are changing recipes and making them more profitable (replacing good expensive ingredients with shitty ones).
And if you don't mind me asking;
why the Big Bud from Advanced nutrients, you already have a nutrient like that in form of Liquid CoolBloom. Trust your hydro guys but understand that even they have to sell sell sell... In my opinion there is no need for Big Bud in your case. Your money would be much better invested in Moonshine or Mammoth P... I'm not saying that Big Bud is not a good product, its even better than that, but you just don't need it if using this kit. Looking forward to your future monster harvests!