New Crop Off To A Great Start

12 days ago

Gone are the five-gallon orange buckets. Here to stay are the seven-gallon aeration fabric bags!

Over the last eight weeks (my hiatus from, I have been restructuring some aspects of my life... and my grow room and crops.

I started a fresh crop two weeks ago and they are flourishing!

And with my revamping included getting rid of the awkward and clunky five-gallon buckets. I was tired of them. The weren't easy for me to move; for some reason they seemed heavier than the new seven-gallon aeration fabric grow bags I have. Keep in mind, these bags hold more soil; so I don't quite understand it.

In this new crop I have two Super Skunk Kush, one Fruit Punch and one White Widow.

During my down time, I carefully researched some new seed possibilities and the Fruit Punch (sativa) and White Widow (hybrid 50/50) were the ones I chose.

Some people want the sativa... but most want the safety of the indica.

I specifically chose the White Widow for the people who can't decide.

Yes... there are some indecisive people in the cannabis world... go figure! Plus I like to think this will be wonderful for my edibles.

I actually ran out of soil and need to get one more bag brought inside the grow room, so I can finish filling up the bags.

I decided to keep this crop down to four plants (have no fear, I will be starting more seedlings in a few weeks to keep the rotation going strong), because I want to mainline ALL these. I'm hoping that I have now perfected the mainlining technique and each plant will have eight cola buds. And not just eight regular cola buds... BUT 8 GREAT cola buds!

These grow bags are so easy to use; with the two handles I am able (even with my bad shoulder and neck) to move them much easier than the buckets.

A person told my husband that they didn't like the bags; I guess mold developed on the plants. Ummm, over-water too much? Or not pay enough attention to possible drainage concerns? I spent endless time in my grow room. I prune... I talk... I water... I fluff... I do it all! And as for over-watering... NEVER! My girls get the perfect amount of water and nutrients. We are pretty connected that way.

But I am excited for these grow bags. After each harvest is done, and since I have twelve bags, I will be able to clean the bags properly to avoid transferring diseases, nutrient build-up and potential pest problems.

So have you ever used these grow bags? Pros and cons that you have discovered?

This is where I purchased the bags. I priced them at my semi-local hydro store, but they wanted $6 each (for the five-gallon bags)! I paid $15/USD each set (I ordered two sets) plus tax; free two-day shipping.

WINNER OUTFITTERS 6-Pack 10 Gallon Grow Bags/Aeration Fabric Pots with Handles


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Those bags are looking great plus it has more room for more soil. I 've had those plastic pots that I underestimated because the clones grew taller to more than 2 meters high...Lol.. but I am satisfied with the buds harvested. I will get similar bags
in my next grow season.. cheers to your new grow!


so far I like these bags ALOT. I'll see how this grow progresses; but I'm thinking it's going to be awesome!

I was telling someone the other day I thought they had a drainage problem. Had to explain to him just because the soil is supposed to drain well doesn't mean anything if your drain holes are clogged or if you don't have enough.
I am looking forward to seeing how these bags work for you. I been thinking about trying them myself.


You are so right about plugged drainage... this is a place where fungus can grow, mold develops and all the icky things that can ruin our crop.

These are looking quite healthy, I have to get my grow bsck up been down for a couple months now.

I love my grow bags but do ypu also gind they dry out quicker?


As of yet, I have not found they dry out more or quicker. But I do know this... sometimes when using the five gallon buckets, it seemed as though the soil was water-logged; which concerned me. Seeing too much water made me concerned with root rot, etc.

I'll be keeping a daily/weekly log of the progress while using these bags. I am super excited to have them.


Do you ever bottom-feed? (Placing bucket or bag in a tray) I have noticed that doing this in early veg stage encourages root growth downward, since roots will seek water when they begin to dry out. Works well with tall 5 gal buckets, really helps to send the roots deep into the pot, early.

Little ladies are looking healthy. Welcome back @goldendawne and nice to see u again (grow-pro from Steemit 😋). Since you were gone, I awesome to see your updates here again.

Happy growin’ 🌱

looks great!