My Personal Connection To My Plants: Knowing Who Needs What

6 months ago

My AK-47 from the most recent crop I harvested.

Just like my three children have different personalities, need certain attention moments and have quirks about themselves, so do my plants. EVERY plant from every crop has certain requirements, particular personalities and needs.

I treat every plant, no matter if they are the same strain or not, as an individual unit in need of essential demands.

Whereas one AK-47 may need to be closer to the light than the other five in the same tent... I move it closer as I see the leaves are not as green as the others. I may see an OG Kush who is requiring more nutrients or water than its counterpart plants of the same strain because it is closer to the lights.

I may also see that this Gorilla Zkittles need to have a cage around it for stability and support because its top colas are growing larger than the other four GZ plants in the same tent.

Every plant has specific needs, requests for TLC and exigencies.

I have a real deep connection to ALL my plants.

Back in the day (summer of 2017) when I was first learning; this was my second grow EVER. Sour Diesel.

These plants (Sour Diesel) may appear to be too tall, etc or some people may find them to be not exactly what they would want... but I have always grown my plants in this manner and have had tremendous success with the yields.

I wish I had cloned the Sour Diesel, but back then, I had no clue how to clone and was actually afraid to attempt the process. If only I knew then what I know now about how easy cloning is I could have Sour Diesel in my perpetual clone/mother tent.

The image on the left is not very clear (as you can tell my photography skills have advanced immensely over the last year) and the plants in this tent had plenty of room to grow.

At about week 6, the Sour Diesel finished their stretching towards the light in the tent and ended up filling in so much that I had to take a tomato cage from my garden and use them around the plant for support.

I looked back on my records and saw that from those six plants I ended up with 10-ounces of cannabis. Not too bad for a second grow.

When I was growing the Sour Diesel, I paid attention to the plants' needs. I may have just been learning how to grow, but it's amazing how quickly you tune in and start to understand what you have to do to keep the plants growing and healthy.

I am like this with not only the cannabis plants, but also all the flowers, herbs and vegetables I grow in my regular garden. I've been known to get lost in the greenhouses with the herbs. Hubby already knows if he can't find me around the house to look in the grow room or the greenhouses (in the summer at least as my growing season here outdoors has ended). I can spend an entire day in the grow room tending to the plants, organizing things and doing whatever tasks need to be accomplished.

How about you? How close or in-tune are you with your plants? Are you like me and find yourself talking to your plants?






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I think we will have to start calling you the plant whisperer, Lol. You have definitely been a fast learner, thanks for sharing your story. Bong on. :-)


Thanks for the compliment!!

I do a lot of reading, researching and testing out different things. I have yet to find just the right grow technique. I will some day I know it. But I like learning; whether from successes or failures.


Well you actually learn a lot more from failures than you do from successes in my experience. Keep up the great posts they are very interesting, thanks. Ho, Ho, Ho from bong on bro. :-)

Yes... I spend a lot of time with my plants. Talking to them ... having breakfast, dinner... evening munchies. I know they like the company.


lol- you sound almost like me! I don't eat meals with them but I do talk, say good morning and good night to each tent. hubby used to laugh not so much anymore- he takes the quirks like that and just rolls with it now

I guess us gardeners talk to plants most of the time. Talking really help plants to grow. My terrace is full of greens and seldom parasites... When I grew my first cannabis it was as tall as me, got it from a dispensary as a bush of 60 cm in a small pot. I talked to it, I had to say, I was a bit skeptical whether it will grow, it did! But of course the feed help a bit ....

Talking to plants definitely helps them grow. The science isn't sure why but it is possibly the carbon dioxide released. However, some have done decibel experiments and the 92 decibel level seems to be ideal. It's a little louder than we talk but it intrigues me for sure.

Getting lost in the garden is so easy to do. It's very therapeutic and probably why you are always in such good spirits!

2nd grow was 4-5 plants? bold haha


Yeah I am a person who goes all in with most things; especially when I have a passion brewing. heck you should see my flower and herb gardens in the summer. Every year I add more and more to it. Asked hubby... "do we really need a front lawn? Can't I just make it all raised beds with flowers and herbs?"

Plants is like a newborn baby, sometimes for them to give you a really good strain you need to give them attention. If you need to sing for them, then do it....


If you need to sing for them, then do it....

Exactly! Like when my kids were babies and I would hum or sing to them as they went to sleep for the night. I wonder what my song playlist would be for these gals?


Humming will work, they will get enough Carbon Dioxide...

You became to me as a MOTHER of all WEED!!

Keep up the good work! :)


These plants are your children. Good luck!