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7 months ago
Today I was asked to make two clones of OG Kush for someone my husband knows. And of course, who am I to say no...

I mean, I was already in the grow room and tents after working in and then cleaning up the kitchen mess I had made earlier in the morning... so why not? While I was cloning the two OG Kush plants, I figured I'd make one more for my own needs; as it's been a GREAT strain to have on hand. The buds are dense, firm with a little give when squeezed. I just couldn't have asked for a better product.

So I thought I'd share with you all a day in the life of my grow room with some updates. The (flowering) tents and plants are getting ready to enter week three this week and they have really started to blossom. After my last harvest's trail and tribulations with the unexpected hermie appearance, possible light poisoning and other variables, I was finally ready to move on to some new strains and plants. Which reminds me, I need to post some of the pictures from the last harvest now that they've all cured

After I made my gummy edibles, I whipped up the week's worth of nutrients, it was time to start the clones. I also had some more trim (sitting in the green bowl in above picture) that I had left sitting in the drying and curing tent for a little longer. I want to make sure it was completely dried out before I store it away in the glass jars.

The plants on the far right are the Gorilla Zkittles; just look at how TALL they are! I've raised the lights up, and still have few more inches to go up still even when the plants grow a little during the flowering cycle.

These (the GZ) remind me of my Sour Diesel crop. They were light stretchers too and kept reaching up, growing taller and eventually were a little taller than me (I'm 5'10"). So I'm wondering if the GZ plants have the same growing abilities and qualities.

Second Flowering Tent

In my second, smaller, flowering tent I have some "Cheese" plants and "RQS Critical" plants. Below is an image or two of the Cheese plants (upper stems where the buds will begin forming soon).

I absolutely LOVE every cycle of the plants' grows. Whether starting from seeds or clones all the way to when the first bud appears on the plant and the final harvest. There's just something magical... mystical... exhilarating about every change in the plants.

One of the Gorilla Zkittles plants from the large flowering tent. I have to admit the GZ are the plants I'm most excited about in this grow. Probably because the way they're growing does remind me of Sour Diesel.


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I would like also s some clones of OG Kush :D
Nice job! Smoke up!

Goodness! How tall are those things?! Amazing growth! It's so cool that you have sufficient space to do all the awesome things you do! Thanks for sharing!

Gorilla skittlez loo-oks beautiful! :)
Love your content! Peace and love! ;)

Wow those plants are looking awesome, I would love to be able to grow some of these beauties for myself. But I don't feel like sitting in a stinking governments cage for a few years. But watching your posts is the second best thing, thanks for that. Bong on. :-)