January 2019 Grow Room In Review: New Seeds, Crop Harvested & Busier Than Busy Here

7 months ago

Things here have been crazy! And so many of you have been messaging me on Discord asking if I'm OK. As OK as can be...

After the mishap in December with my grow room and one grow tent being wrecked, plus still recovering from my auto collision last autumn... and life in general I have been absent from SMOKE.io... and I deeply apologize.

I'm still in physical therapy, have had a few MRIs, catscans and more... plus my primary care doctor assigned me to speak with a counselor regarding PTSD concerns. Life has been... brutal for me.

But thank you again for those who messaged me! I am really OK... and according to my counselor I am going through the seven stage of grief right now.

I am feeling better... trying to find myself and seeking more answers of who am I now.

But... life goes on, right?

So let's get to it!

I have so much to share... so many images... and I just don't know where to start.

This post will be just an overview of the last month and then I'll start posting about individual changes and things that have been happening here. New updates like:

  • Bartered a clone for some seeds
  • Purchased an awesome microscope that I'm still figuring out

Even after the devastating loss in December I was able to salvage some plants. While my final yield was cut in half, I did get some awesome Cheese (on the left) and Critical (on the right). The buds (colas) were spectacular and I could believe how big they were when I started trimming them.

This is my last AK47 (on the left- that survived), I didn't clone it before it went into flowering late last year, but I do have some seeds still; so I'll be starting some seedlings this week. I also will be moving the clones and seedlings into their new home (the flowering tent) this week. So many plans... so little time. But I've been reworking my time management since the auto collision and I think I may have it under control.

On the right are some of the plants I settled into harvest two Sundays ago.

The plants all harvested and hanging.

All set in the darkened drying tent and ready to finish up. This past weekend I spent Sunday morning before the Superbowl trimming and getting the buds ready for curing.

Final Plants Harvested

  • Ak47- 1
  • Cheese- 2
  • Critical- 3
  • Gorilla Zkittles- 1






Image Banner by @mrspacely

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Seeing this update pleases me! Glad to have you back!

And may you find your grove in life again as soon as you can find it.

Smoke’s here and isn’t going anywhere... we will always be here. And be an even better place with your participation. 🦇


Thank you!!! It feels good to be back. I have dozens and dozens of pictures and stories to tell!!

Hey @goldendawne, glad to see you are back! :)


Thank you!!! I have missed being on the platform

So glad to see you back!

What is most important is your health. So happy for you it is going back on tracks. I know these words sound cheeky and cheesy but I honestly mean them.
Glad to see babies are doing well, too much stuff to put in just one post.


Yes I agree! Health first!
Hubby has been keeping on me.. keeping me on track with my platforms and... yeah... It's been too long since I've posted.

Great to see you back posting again. I was thinking last day or two about asking if everything was alright.

Glad to see you still managed to get to get a few plants from that issue you had go down.

On that note your health is number 1


Thank you!!! SO many people have messaged me over the last few weeks asking... I've missed the interaction with ALL of you too!

Yes... number 1 is health!

Its really good to have you back, have missed you alot. Will be looking up for your too many awesome posts incoming lol.
Welcome back dear


Thank you!! And also thank you for messaging me and checking in on me!! I appreciate that!

Great looking harvest! What strains are you planning on growing next?


Funny you should ask!!! I am actually writing up another post right now- lol

We glad you back, it been a while.. Health is everything.

You got some good girls there.


THANK YOU!!! Yes... I've been falling off with all these health issues but as my husband says... gotta suck it up... get past it... you can do it


Yes you can. I love the positive energy

Great to have you back, It's awesome you managed to save half of you plants from that little @#$%. I like you pictures they look great, especially the first one, it looks like some wicked smoko thanks for sharing them. Bong on. :-)

Good to see you back and i am very confident that you are going to gain full recovery much quicker then the doctors are anticipating.


One day at a time is what everyone keeps saying... so that's my new mantra right now

Welcome back! I was gonna ask when are you posting again since I saw your 2 lovely metal holders for your lotion on Steemit. Hey, nice to see you here!