It's Cloning Time Again

18 days ago

Now that I am sling-free and can move my left arm easier, I set to work on propagating new clones before sending my current crop into the flowering stage.

The grow tent specifically set up for clones and new plants in the veg state was empty (not a way I like to see things in my grow room) and I wanted to get some new plants in there as soon as I was capable to.


As I was already transplanting some other herbs for my regular indoor winter garden, now was the best time as I had out all the supplies I would need to get these clones going.

Plus, I wanted to get the plants that were growing with a fury in the veg state into the flowering tent. They are filling out quite nice, getting strong roots and solid stems and the number of calyx were multiplying, and thesativa I supercropped two weeks ago was doing fabulous.

I was planning on trying to get some seeds started from seeds I had gotten when I was fortunate to get some seeds from someone who was asking me to check out there own grow.


But as I was setting up the CloneX, Solo cups, Root Riot plugs and Coco Coir soil, I decided to not grow the seeds this time. See the little container marked GL? Those the Golden Leaf seeds I have.

I just thought about how I would have monitor the plants closely looking for male plants to eliminate from my crop and with spring time knocking on my regular gardening door, I thought it was best to save the seeds for the next round.

Even though I am real anxious to try out this new strain, I reined in my excitement and knew this was for the best.

I ended up cloning two White Widow, two Fruit Punch and one Super Skunk Kush.

And now on my cannabis/grow room agenda is to finish trimming all the dry buds and get the entire harvest into the curing stage. Gonna be a long day as my left fingers still don't work at 100% mobility which is why I only trimmed half of the crop the other day. But once this is done, I will make a post on the results.


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