Harvested & Drying Now

4 months ago

Over this past weekend I spent an extra long time harvesting my current crop. Normally it takes me a few hours to accomplish this task (depending on how many plants I have in a crop), but this time it took me twice as long.

And I'm OK with that. After all, I am quite meticulous when it comes to many aspects in life. I actually enjoyed the quiet time as hubby was at work.


White Widow

Fruit Punch

I am happy with the outcome of this new strain I tried. It smells almost fruity (hence the name probably) and the stickiness of the resin on the buds and leaves was phenomenal; which makes me even more anxious to try it.

While I am not one for a sativa dominant strain I am thinking this one may change my mind.

On the drying rack I have two levels of Super Skunk Kush and one each of White Widow and Fruit Punch.

So now I check on the buds every other day to flip the buds over as to not allow one side to squish down and eventually to test the stems to see how brittle they are.

I have my dehumidifier up and running in this small grow tent as well as I'll be closely monitoring the temperature and humidity levels every day.

Anxious to get the trim and shake from this crop! It smells heavenly with that oh-so pungent aroma we all love.


Image Banner by @mrspacely






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WOW! Can you say, "trichomes?" :D You are loaded down with them. Those are some seriously frosted little babies! OMG!
Fruit punch is a nice strain for taste, but the WW is definitely more intense when it comes to potency and high. In my experiences, anyhow. :)

You should definitely create a slide show with these photos and share on YouTube.... you could be earning an extra $100 a month with your videos. Real money ... you don’t even need to mention Cannabis .... just call your channel Goldendawn Flowers ... they are breathtaking.


No joke, eh? Good idea

Can I share this on Twitter to 11,000 people ?


I definitely would if you're allowed. It seems that below you were given permission, yay! These are some fine specimens and definitely likely to draw more people here. Seeing grows like this, is another great reason people will be drawn to this great place. :)


Please do


Awesome.. shared.

Wow. wow. wow.... absolutely stunning ... best thing I have seen in days.... up smoked and resmoked. Almost too beautiful to Smoke.


That was pretty much my initial thought as well, seeing this post! I can't believe how well she does with her grows! The consistency she seems to have with them is astounding too!

Can I turn your white widow photo into some art?


You sure can!
Can't wait to see it!