Growing Like There's No Tomorrow & OMGosh! The Smell!

8 months ago

Week 5 veg (left) and Week 7 veg (right)

The plants have filled out nicely. I didn't do mainlining; only FIMing. I had grand plans to do the mainlining but these beauties have grown so fast, I barely blinked and they were twice the size they were when I tucked them into bed one night.

I have one more week before setting the girls into flowering and I have to say... the smell of cannabis has been so strong over the last few weeks that I've had to start using my charcoal filter and vent fan.

I don't recall the scent being this prominent in the past.

So I started investigating it... Maybe I just had forgotten... Maybe there's something more to it.

Honestly, I'm hoping this is a sign of a good crop to come.

Ohhh, That Smell...

According to Cannabis Training University:

During the early stages of a cannabis plant’s life, there is no detectable cannabis odor. Once you germinate seeds, plant them, and have young plants, odor levels remain very low most of the way through the vegetative phase of growth, when the plants are provided 18 hours of light per day. Late in veg mode, when the plants are a foot or slightly taller, odor continues to remain minimal with most strains. At this stage of the grow, however, you can monitor emerging odors quite easily
Take your index finger and very gently rub it against the main stem of the plant, supporting the stem so it doesn’t bend or become damaged in any way. Then give your finger a sniff. Even at this early stage, you will most likely detect a musky, sweet, and skunky aroma. Most likely, if you take a whiff of the leaves, they will remain odorless. The sweet dankness you detect from the main stem is an indication of things to come. The plant, regardless of its sex, is starting to create terpenes. These terpenes will become increasingly evident as the plants grow, particularly with female plants with large flowers.
When you put the plants into the flower phase by cutting back on their daily exposure to light (12 hours of light to 12 hours of darkness), terpene production really starts to kick in. Once your plants reveal their sex (assuming you’re growing normal rather than feminized seed), you will soon end up with female plants that will produce sticky, dank flowers rather quickly. By a few weeks into flower, the odor of your grow may be quite strong

I was thinking back to one of my first grows (Sour Diesel) and, even asked hubby about it, and how that was one of the best grows we have had. Wish I had cloned those back then, but I was so new and afraid to clone.

I have no issue with running the vent fan and charcoal filter right now, as I would have been getting it set-up in the next week anyways; I just can't believe the strong smell right now. You would think if the odor had been this prominent in previous grows that I would remember.

How about you... when did you first notice the strong essence of cannabis?
And did the stronger (earlier) scent prove to be a better harvest?


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Cool, they look amazing great effort.

Looking good and amazing grow you have. Your doggie seems to be so interested in the aroma of your girls! Hehehe.

Looking great and I wish I could smell it.