Grow Update: The End Is Near

2 months ago

Oh yes! The final countdown to the end of this most recent crop is approaching VERY fast! And I am so excited!


Yesterday as I was out and about getting some last minute errands done before my surgery this coming Thursday, I came in the front door and inhaled deeply and the beautiful essence of a good cannabis crop filled my head.

I rarely leave the house, so when I was gone for a few hours and returned the strong and pungent smell of weed was overpowering! Ahhh, what a fabulous smell! Being around the odor all day, every day I guess I become immune to it; but when I walked through the threshold yesterday, it was freakin' fabulous!

I honestly can't recall the smell being so evident in the last crop, so I am crossing my fingers this crop will be even more potent.

Only time will tell, as the crop will be ready to harvest within the next seven to ten days.

I am really anxious to get this crop harvested too.


Just look at those trichromes!

This crop has Fruit Punch and White Widow in it; two strains I have never grown before; but have heard GREAT reviews on both.


It's sad, but realistically true, that I am already planning my next group of seeds. I still have clones that will be going into flowering in two weeks (Super Skunk Kush, Fruit Punch and White Widow), but you may recall a two months back I had gotten my hands on some Golden Leaf seeds and I will be starting those seeds out too; as well as probably cloning more Fruit Punch and White Widow and then also keeping the lineage of the SSK going.

I've enlisted hubby and my brother to help harvest and trim this current crop over the next few weeks. I highly doubt I could do either one-handed.


Image Banner by @mrspacely






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Good God that's some frosted bud! :D I can't wait to see the finished result of this grow! If they look this good and aren't even dried and cured yet......... DAMN!

She's a real beauty!

Excellent photo's.Looks delicious !Good luck with surgery .

I can tell you're an experienced grower by the quality of this pretty lady! Wow! Trichomes are absolutely incredible!!

So pretty!!!

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