Grow Update: Heading Off To Harvest In Two Days

last month

Image of Fruit Punch taken January 8; the day before my surgery.

The first three images in this post were taken 16 days ago; and this weekend I am planning on harvesting the current crop. All the plats are so healthy, have decent sized buds and the trichromes are rampant. All that glitters and making me smile.

I am anticipating a potent crop this time.

Even while I have been recovering and have had limited time with the plants, I am hopeful for an easy harvest. Luckily I planned ahead meticulously.

I stocked up on nutrients I was running low on, bought a few extra bags of Coco Coir and a new CO2 bag, made sure I had Neem Oil on hand and even had all the lighting and ventilation (filter) components cleaned and working without a glitch.

While the pistils are still white/clear and straight at the time of the images, they are now curled up and have that fabulous amber tinge to them.

I just love seeing the transformation that happens over every grow. I know what to expect, but it's still amazing every day.

How They Look Now

It's amazing what two weeks in the final days of flowering can make.

I'm anxious for Sunday now when hubby should have the day off so we can harvest these beauties and get them into the drying stage.

I'm currently deciding if I want to clone new plants from the newest grow in veg state. I still have a day to decide. My biggest pro to cloning is having a seedling plant that's good to go and takes less time to grow. I'd like to keep all three of these strains going (Fruit Punch, Super Skunk and White Widow). So time is of the essence for deciding.

How about you? Do you prefer growing from seed? Or continuining a lineage by cloning?


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Yeah,i agree ,great photo's of lush looking plants and i like when you say " growing is still "amazing every day" : )

Wow. These are beautiful. Incredible photography. True Works of Art.

Your grow is coming along really well :)

Hope you have a swift recovery