Drying Is Done... Time To Cure

11 months ago

Gonna Be A LONG DAY!

Gorilla Zkittlez Ready For Curing

Have everything I need to finalize this last crop.

  • Tablet with YouTube videos to listen to and pass the time
  • Bowl for excess trim
  • Snippers
  • Mason Jars
  • Dried & Harvested Cannabis

Why is this the MOST dreaded part for me of every grow?
Are you the same way?
Detest the final trim for curing?
So time consuming!

Super Skunk






Image Banner by @mrspacely

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looks amazing! you really have that green thumb, that old world way about you! I love it! Thanks for sharing

Looks absolutely fucking stunning....mail some my way through USPS lol! Where do you get your seeds? I bet that Super Skunk rips right through the walls!!👃💥💥

Oh my, this must be best time next to the smoking it ..
They look amazing . great job there, truly.

Awesome post cheers

Great looking results, congrats! :)