Double Decker SCRoG? Sure... Let's Give It A Try

5 months ago

Super Skunk Week 3 flowering- ain't she a beauty already!

The other day I wrote a post about trying a new SCRoG technique with some gardening plant levelers and Mr Golden D brought home the welded leveler with the legs from an extra tomato cage on it.

It's a perfect fit for the plants, stands much taller than the ones I tried to make temporarily and it actually gave me an idea to double up on the SCRoG'ing.

The image to the left is the welded leveler and the image below is how the plant looked with just my quick leveler set up.

You can see in the middle of the image (on the right) where Mr Golden D had pinched the top stem to keep all the branches somewhat the same height.

I had only added this leveler a week ago, and already some of the branches were starting to grow tall; in need of another loop under the leveler.

I didn't want to over-strain some of the branches, as they had really taken off, and since I had this taller welded leveler, I decided to try something different.

I placed the legs in between the first (lower) levelers open spaces and pushed them gently into the soil. Then I left the distance between the two levelers at about 18-inches and looped the taller branches through the second (higher) leveler.

The Double Decker SCRoG!

So now I will let the remainder of the flowering stage go and after this crop is done, harvested and weighted up, I'll see if I have bigger buds and a higher yield.

Side NOTE- I'll also be adding another light to the grow tent and have it secured on the side of the plants. Hoping this will add more of what the plants need to grow bud on the underlying branches to increase yield as well.

The Double Decker SCRoG System.






Image Banner by @mrspacely

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Very cool, innovative!


Hopefully it'll give me a higher yield


If the top screen gets full the way it should, it'll block the light to the lower screen. It's a nice frame for LST though. :) Hope it works out for you.


it'll block the light to the lower screen.

Which is why I am putting another light on its side so it can shine onto the lower branches. I like to push the envelope so to speak with growing and experimenting with techniques. I'm always looking for that high yield.


Yep, I saw that bit.

My best success has come from researching what the folks at the top of the class are doing first. Once I have an understanding of what's going on, results from experimentation make a whole lot more sense. :)

I'm thinking of something like this but with smaller hole to try to keep my cat from getting to my trees. but with more of a net around the sides.

That should help with getting the most out of your lighting 👌